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Chrono Trigger


I have recently been wanting to try Chrono Trigger and i have 19K coins on chrono. So if anyone has a Chrono trigger key that they don’t want. I would be willing to trade games for the 19K coins for the a key for the game.


While I would largely encourage supporting games by purchasing them, I would also strongly recommend not playing the modern remake but go find an emulator and an old rom to play instead. Experience the game as it was meant to be.

Though I should probably also say it seems unlikely to me that someone would be willing to spring for a $15 game in return for what’s currently in the coin shop under 19k.


If it counts maybe purchase the Steam release and play the emulated version. At least that way its technically not pirating wink wink.
Unless you don’t want to support something you aren’t in favour with anyhow idk.


I don’t know if someone will make the trade considering the quality of games in shop, but if they do, be sure you change the graphics mode to “Original” if you play so you don’t experience the ugliness of mobile (they also patched out a ton of the other garbage). Or, consider hitting up our Chrono Trigger modding community (< check out the stickied discord comment) where there are many patches that aim to improve the experience (such as SNES script etc). :sweat_smile:

Hopefully someone can work out a deal with you! Chrono Trigger is amazing, and whilst the Steam port started out :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: after the modders came in, SE patched the jesus out of it. Everyone should experience Chrono Trigger! :slight_smile:


One of the greatest games ever made. I replay it every year and own every version of it that has come out except for having it on PC. I hope someone helps you out!


The SNES version is great but I’d say the DS version is probably the definitive edition.


And i thought this will be about someone getting triggered by ‘bad’ games in chrono coin shop.


I’ll show myself out.


100% this. Better translation and portable too. The bonus content is ok, but hey, it’s bonus and you can safely ignore it.


Always remember…

Water summons Wind. And Wind makes Fire dance.

Also try as you might, but the Future refuses to change.


I hated how they changed the names of some of the moves though. Aside from that the DS version was great


They had too seeing as they felt Ted Woolsey’s translations were poor. But frankly as a fan of the SNES era Ted Woolsey’s work was awesome. Kinda like how old Anime and a few NES/Famicom games utilized Engrish. Call 'em poor translations if you will but they added that very 80’s feel IMHO.

Congraturations you are a win! :smile:


I get some of the changes but a lot of the move name changes didn’t need to happen. Like not really. Some of them look nicer, like Lightning II instead of Lightning2 - but things like Slash to Wind Slash, Spin Cut to Cleave, and stuff like that wasn’t like a they HAD to kind of thing. The moves still made sense and were logical.


Ugh! Don’t get me started with the canon changes to spell names. Especially on the Final Fantasy games. I prefered it when the spells used numbers instead of the name suffixes. Fire 1, Fire 2 and Fire 3 made sense as is because the numbers represented the power level of each spell, meaning the higher the number the more advanced the spells were. But Square-Enix decided that Fire, Fira and Firaga were cooler instead. “Meh” I said to myself :roll_eyes:

Also what’s the deal with Cloud being their poster child all of a sudden? He ain’t got nothin’ on Locke from FF6. He was even just an imposter taking on the identity of his superior Zack.




It may be with the fact that the remake of FFVII is the next big title in line for release.


It’s been that way with Square, yes it was like this even before the merger, after FFVII was first released. Droves of fan folk swooning over Mr. lack of personality. Sure Squall-Rinoa, Zidane-Garnet and Tidus-Yuna all had their time on the Spotlight. But these fan folk always go back to going Ga-ga over Cloud and Miss Siisy Face Aeris. And what’s with that pairing? Tiffa has always been the stronger of the two women in FFVII and she was Cloud’s childhood acquaintance. And Mr. No Personality chooses Miss Little Red Bumpkin over the hottie that was Tiffa. Most fan folk cried when Aeris died near the end of Disc 2, but me? I was extremely thankful and glad, because she was so uncharismatic. Even Nanaki, Red XIII had a better fleshed out backstory than Aeris did for Odin’s sake :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For me, “The Best” Final Fantasy couple will always be Locke-Celes as there was a genuine effort to make a cohesive love story in that game, Final Fantasy VI. Squall-Rinoa of Final Fantasy VIII was kinda forced too but at least an effort was made to make it believable. Zidane-Garnet, FFIX on the other hand went back to telling a cohesive and progressively developed love story between the couple but it was kinda short lived on the spotlight as FFX came out next. And boy were we back to a soulless uncharismatic character in Yuna. Riku and Paine were even more interesting than Miss No Personality Yuna. And Tidus was boring AF as well :roll_eyes: