Back to Today's Deal Mobile Issue (FIXED)


So I use Samsung S7. Everything was going fine with mobile, until today, when I opened on mobile I saw this:

Not sure why it happened, I can’t redeem coins, I can’t see the coin shop, I can barely do anything. (Nothing wrong with the community one, just the shop). @lonin, could you fix this?


@DeathBringer what browser and browser version are you on? That would help as well.

I’m on a Galaxy S8 using Chrome v70.0.3538.80 but it seems to load normally. It’s like some of the CSS just failed to load.

I also tried the included Samsung browser and that one seems to work for me too. I wonder what’s going on.


I use Samsung Browser


Do you know what version it is?

Top-right -> Settings -> About Samsung Internet
Mine is sitting at


It is


Yeah, I’m not sure. Maybe lonin will know then? I assume you already tried rebooting your phone and clearing your site files in the browser. I can’t get that to happen. I even tried disabling javascript.

I’d try a different browser as well and see if it happens there since the Samsung one is a bit non-standard.


Let me know if this is still happening today during the new sale. Also, are you on a wifi network with a corporate firewall or anything like that?


@lonin I used this Wi-Fi to open on mobile before, so it can’t be because of the Wi-Fi. And after the new deal, it is still like this.


Did you try a different browser? If you haven’t, could you please try that as well? @DeathBringer

I’d be curious if it’s the browser and we can rule that out. Otherwise, something else is going on.


Tried Google, same result.


Do any other devices on that network have the problem? Laptops? PCs? Phones? tablets? What about on 3G/4G? Does it do it then?


No other devices have issues, and 3G/4G doesn’t change anything.


Any thoughts @frst?


Hmm, trying to think of what could be the issue. It looks like SOME of the CSS is loading (the button gradient etc) but most of it is not.

@DeathBringer Would you mind posting a screenshot of what the Black Friday sale looks like for you?

Apologies you’re having issues! We’ll see if we can’t get this cleaned up,


Black Friday is normal right now, when it ends, I’ll let you know if there is still issues. Thanks overall.


Wonderful, keep us posted!


The issue suddenly got fixed after Black Friday. Thank god.