Back to Today's Deal Mentioned in Kotaku Article!


It’s near the end of the article…:tada:

"A lot of these sites are attempting to become stores of their own, offering games for Steam with pretty great discounts. I’ve encountered a few sites over the years that offer single game sales. The best one is probably, which features a new game every day."


Heck yeah!


Hundreds of new accounts incoming!

Honestly there are only 3 gaming related websites I go to regularly and is one of them…and Kotaku isn’t one of them…


That’s unfortunate… but all publicity is good publicity I guess.


i guess good publicity from any source even he we dont support that source is good publicity


Yeah! That’s how i feel.

I still have Kotaku and RPS in my feeds. And occasionally a post will catch my eye. I think that is the first time in about 3 months. Being in a feed they don’t get the credit as if I had visited the site. which I HAD to do this time to get the article…


What are the other once?