Back to Today's Deal doesn't accept PayPal outside US


So, I’m having this issue, and this is the first time I’ve seen it, and I’ve been using PayPal in this store since ever, last time was 5 days ago and worked perfectly. I’m in Spain, if that wasn’t obvious in the image :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe send an email to Or you can say something like hey @Ernin8t0r you around mate?


I don’t know any more than that…


Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that.


I know…It bites…it affects me too…but I have this game already.


Getting the same message here in Germany. I have purchased from the site using paypal several times before. Would be a shame if this is how it’s gonna be from now on. :frowning:


a mod already responded with a quote from one of the Chrono staff

there is an issue, this happens, it’s not permanent, ie temporary, they are working on it
naturally Chrono is not interested in just cutting off one of their main sources of payment, thus revenue, so it’s a high likelihood they on the case to get it resolved asap. Doesn’t necessarily mean it will take 5minuters, could be a little while/days, who knows. They are on it, and if more evolves they will likely keep us informed on the forum as they are usually pretty good at that+responding

edit, aaand i see @Ernin8t0r is about to reply himself


Hey everybody!

Like I said in the other thread, this absolutely isn’t a permanent thing. We’re dealing with some issues regard international payments through Paypal so we’ve restricted it until we can figure out the issues, but as soon as we do we’ll have international payments up again.


Maybe you should put a notification of this on your main page?


shame, move or die really was somethign I wanted, especially after I now learned all my freinds have it. well I’ll keep my eyes open if this changes but stop watchign daily deals for not getting disappointed


Looks like we’ve fixed the issue (hopefully), so we’ve re-opened the Paypal to accept payments from everyone. Sorry about the inconvenience y’all, you should be good to go now though!


@Uriei, @Fantail, @BigShinyGloom, @Dornogol All fixed :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:



doesn’t seem to be fixed to me… :frowning:


not working for me too


@Ernin8t0r thanks for trying to work as fast as possible and thanks @delenn13 for the notification

however also ahve to report it doesn’t work as with the above two guys


Sorry guys, we’re still having issues it looks like. We had it unrestricted for a while yesterday and things just worse so we had to restrict it again. I’m extremely sorry about all the hassle it’s giving y’all; if you shoot an email over to help@chrono we’ll make sure you get taken care of.


This was posted a few hours ago. Hopefully it’s resolved now


I don’t know if this is relivienent, but today when I clicked Paypal as the payment option nothing seems to happen other then the buttons changing to allow the payment type to be changed.

DId something happen for it to be disabled again?


I just noticed the same thing, but only once, one i changed options again it popped up with the paypal login. Have you tried again?


Yeah several times. Also tried refreshing the page, logging out and back in again but no dice.

I just tried in a different browser and the Paypal window opened, so it must be something with my main browser then (being Chrome Dev I should have realized sooner).