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I have seen a lot of suggestions for so i thought i would put in my 2 sense. MAKE A CRIPTO Currency


How about BLOODTO Currency?



Like the website itself? Is that just like buying shares, or are we trying to make it so we can just sell the website bit by bit and buy new games with it?


Crypto coins arent shares of a company, its more like giving value to some asset, in this case the coins we get by doing the daily check, that would mean users could trade/sell/buy them in a crypto market, and they would have a value tied to the relation(sell/buy) mentality at any point.
Whoever controls how the coins drop( owners) could also make some money on the side by just putting some on the market, but i think thats a grey/dark area…


You’re telling me you haven’t already invested in Chrono coins? Oh you poor soul.