Chrono Community Giveaway X: Oops I Puzzled Again - CLOSED! Solutions Revealed, Winners notified.

Our group did it again.
We made you believe the free games would end.
Well maybe,
these might make your brain mush,
but the puzzles aren’t that serious.
Take your time and don’t stress,
and you might get a game for free.
Now ready, steady?

Hello and welcome to my second ARG. Had this in my back pocket for a few months, but now that my time has freed up and its nearly the end of the steam sale it is time to get this going.
First a FAQ


  1. Are you giving away Britney Spears games?
    No I am not giving away Britney Spears Dance Beat or any other games associated with her, sorry to disappoint you.

  2. Do we have to do puzzles to get games? I am no good at them
    Nope, again we have something for you a little further down in the post

  3. Are the puzzles harder this time, last time they were too easy/hard?
    The first few puzzles are a about on par with last time, the last few may be a little harder depending on your knowledge, but not much harder. Fear not though, like last time I will likely have a day where I give out hints to people who are stuck or I may just randomly give them out as well, we’ll see how it goes.

Story Time

So before we took a break for a bit I had slacked off in helping out with the giveaways again and in the picture above you can see the responses of the other Community Giveaway members.

@Punkster’s recently acquired penguin puppet was replaced with a puppet of me which he used to imitate me constantly mentioning how lazy I was.

@Gnuffi resorted to threatening me with a club.

@delenn13 just gave me a exasperated look all the time and thew her hands up in the air

@YQMaoski just had his mouth agape at my noncommittal atitude

and although @yoshirules and @DanosaurJr expressions might look nice and cute there, I know that they mean trouble.

I felt bad about all this so I thought I should make things right by doing another one of these ARGs.

Now I know that most ARG’s have a theme or a story to tie them together and although I don’t really have one here I guess the theme could be Peter’s ineptitude.
So many things have gone wrong with these puzzles:

Puzzle 1 when I first got it play tested had a really bad mistake in it that had me redo part of it.

Puzzle 2 I had a different idea for that didn’t work so I scrapped it and came up with what is there now.

Puzzle 3 I had to leave a message with because of troubles with uploading it.

Puzzle 4 was my only positiver here. I did not have to redo anything on it.

And finally puzzle 5 is just a mess, you will see what I mean when you get there.

So I guess follow along with my failings and have some fun solving the puzzles.

The Prize

Same prize as last time so…

One person will win:

  • One game of their choice $20 USD or less in value from Steam or the Humble Store


  • One Humble Bundle at a $20 USD or less tier from Humble Bundle


  • The Humble Monthly Bundle for the Month

If you win we will get in contact with you, to organise what you want.

ARG Rules

Slightly changed the rules so read these carefully:

  • You have 7 days from the time of this being posted to solve the puzzles, after that entries are closed. Countdown till entries close

  • There are 5 puzzles to solve, each puzzle solved will get you one entry into the draw (so you can still win even if you don’t finish the ARG) and each puzzle solution will lead you to the next puzzle. Any web addresses you need to use will be all in lower case.

  • Each puzzle after the first one will give you a PM code (5 in total), it should be easy to find (its not hidden or anything), send each code to me in a single PM via the Chrono website (you can send them as you find them just keep them to one thread please) with the title" ARG 2.0 ", if you do not send me the PM code for each puzzle you will not gain the entries for solving the puzzles.

  • Please don’t post any solutions or spoilers for the puzzles, doing so will immediately disqualify you from winning. I will be strict on this. I will post all solutions to the puzzles after the ARG is finished.

  • If you think something with a puzzle is wrong, isn’t working or you have other questions please PM me. Due to my timezone and living my life I may not get to your post promptly but I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

  • Please don’t spam me or the other giveaway members with requests for clues, you may PM me if you are stuck but I will not necessarily give you a clue, that will be at my discretion.

  • At the end of the giveaway, it will take us a little time to collate the entries and find a winner, once we have got a winner it will update this post.

Other Giveaway

We have 5 other games to giveaway:

I have made this ARG and these puzzles as a creative exercise for myself as I am not good at arts/music etc… So to win one of the games above I would like you to show/tell us about what you use as a creative outlet, so post in this thread along with the games you wish to enter for and we will pick a winner from them (if you are not super creative maybe just show us something creative that you enjoy viewing/observing/participating in). If you are participating in the ARG you can enter for these games as well.

General Rules

To win any of the prizes from both giveaways you must:

  • Been a active member of the community for at least 4 weeks prior to the posting of this thread
  • Have 6 badges
  • Actually want to play the games

If you want to participate in either of these competitions and don’t want the prizes just say so in you post/PM.
Also if you don’t meet the requirements but do want to play along feel free, you just won’t be eligible for the prizes.

The First ARG Puzzle

You know they say that mirrors always reveal the truth, if so there is something real wrong with these dice
Honestly you would have to be blind to miss the puzzle here, so that is all the clues I will give you.
NOTE: some people seem to be having issues with if this is the case I have set up the same link on, so just replace with in this puzzle.

Puzzle Solutions

Puzzle 1

Right here in this post


Spoilers for Puzzle 1

The text around the image is meant to give you clues on how to solve this. Talking about mirror is to remind you to mirror flip the reflection to get the correct orientation of the dots and “blind to miss the puzzle” is saying the dots in the reflection are braille.

If you translate it it should take you to Pete's ARG 2.0: The Code - mmmbop.

Puzzle 2

Pete's ARG 2.0: The Code - mmmbop


Spoilers for Puzzle 2

The title of this puzzle and the way it looked were meant to throw you off the scent of how to actually solve this puzzle. Many thought it was some type of scan code or data matrix or that is needed to be folded in some orientation or overlayed, but it was much simpler than that. there are small pink crosses in the image if you link them up and make a grid like so
Each square is a letter and read from left to right, top to bottom spells out the link morepuzzles

Puzzle 3



Spoilers for Puzzle 3

I made it so that you had to download the file because some sites I uploaded it to create their own copy of the file which would not allow the second part of this puzzles to work.
For this puzzle the picture wasn’t super important, it was all about the text.
The main clue was the section talking about a long running feature of mad magazine and I was hoping this would lead you to find about the fold in feature that has appeared in the magazine since the 60s.
Taking the image and folding it so that the two triangles pointing at each other on opposing side of the picture told you would get this

Which says to open image in notepad and read the text at the bottom. As I said my art skills aren’t great but hopefully in the image you can also see a tick a small thumbs up and a badly drawn smiling face.
Opening the image in notepad you find the following text:

_HEY YOU! Yeah I put caps here to tell you you found the message. _
There are IT types people who will look at this puzzle, those who can undertsand it and those who dont:

The line about IT people looking at the puzzle is playing off of an old geeky joke which is
There are 10 types of people in this world, those who know binary and those who don’t
I was hoping this would lead you to understand the text was binary and I=1 and T=0.
If this didn’t help you one of the portal turrets in the image spelt out “later” in binary in it’s speech bubble.
Translating the binary the message said:
you have decoded the message. go to to find the next puzzle

for those interested here is the first incarnation of this puzzle:

See it here

Puzzle 4



Spoilers for Puzzle 4

Again the look of this puzzle along with the text was meant to throw you off a little, but the interpreting the text correctly was key to solving this puzzle.
“Find the words” was meant to make people think this was a word find, but that was not how this was meant to be taken.
The first thing you had to figure out was what “Minotaur’s domain” meant, some thought is was a website, but really it was just alluding to the fact that in ancient Greek mythology the Minotaur lived in a labyrinth or maze. Then the word “past” was meant to make you look at older puzzles. In puzzle 2 I put a big picture of a maze there. So in order to solve the puzzle you had to overlay the maze on the letter grid and “escape” the maze “quickly” by taking the shortest path to get to the exit. Every letter that that path went by would help you “find the words” you needed to get to the next puzzle. The solution looked like this:
and when the letters were read in the order that the path took to get from start to finish it said
congratulations you have solved the puzzle next go to tiny dot cc slash thefinaldestination to continue your puzzling quest all the best buddy

Puzzle 5

Pete's ARG 2.0: The Picture - mmmbop


Spoilers for Puzzle 5

All the text not in the note on the page was written as if someone was typing on a qwerty keyboard but the computer was setup to use the dvorak keyboard layout.
There were a clues in the letter on the page to help you figure this out.

  • Using someone elses computer and it spits out gibberish
  • Mans last name beginning with D
  • Looked for name and all I found was a composer

There were some more subtle hints to this as well
In the handwritten letter if you take the first letter of every sentence it spells out “dvorak is the way”.
and in the source code I left 2 hints. The first was “BROKE YARD VODKA” which is an anagram of dvorak keyboard and “AFTER 11 AND OR 12 BADGER” which was a reference to the the badger song (Badgers : animated music video : MrWeebl - YouTube) which would help you with the solution to the riddle (see below).

In essence though this encoding method is just a basic substitution cypher so some people brute forced it to decode the riddle.

One you decoded the text on the page you could then go ahead and solve the riddle which was:
I can be as small as a button or as big as a field,

the greater the darkness the more I yield,

no matter what I still wear a cap for protection,

If I’m red I may not be good for your collection.

The answer to the riddle was mushroom, which you then had to encode back into dvorak keyboard text which would be mgodprrm.

Doing this would take you to the final page with the final code which you would have to decode from dvorak.

I actually tried to obfuscate the source code for the place where you entered the code to get to the final page, but after the arg had started I found out this did not work so people could actually just find the answer to the riddle in the source code or just bypass that completely and find the link to the last page. I actually changed the code to make it a little harder to find part way through the ARG but for those who solved it via the source code, kudos to them a solve is a solve no matter which way you do it.


Looking forward to tangling with your puzzles again. The summer heat has unfortunately melted my brain so I’m going to have to figure out where it’s slithered off to first. So this might take me a little longer than last time.

Thanks for putting another game together for us and for the giveaways.
I’d like to enter for Alter Ego and PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy, please, in addition to my participation in the ARG lottery.

As for creativity, I’m not generally a very creative myself, does arguing (and joking) on the internet count?



Looks pretty creative…:eyes: In my eyes!!!:eye::eye:


I did, but I wouldn’t consider really simple photoshopping a creative pursuit. Arguing on the internet however I do for fun and can really help me tap into those creative flows when I feel like it. : )


I’d like to enter for Domina pls, I used to want to become a movie director and even studied directing for a year, and i made/worked on some (very) short movies back then, but now i just limit myself to trying to be funny here, and i might write something now and then, but only if i rly have to (work-related)


You thought of something funny. Figured out how to show it in an amusing way. That’s creativity in it’s simplest form.

EGADS! He’s arguing with me over the internet. Yipes! Yes, it counts.:exploding_head:


Very well, I will go along with this.


someone pls hand me a flashbang


Hey has anybody gotten through the dice puzzle?
I have :wink:
I just cant get past the second part of the puzzle :thinking:


Guys, the non-blind guy is over here! Get 'im, boys!

I’m just joking, of course! Congrats on getting through. :tada: I figured out how but I’m working atm so I’ll crack it later. I hope it’s pretty on the other side and that you crack 'em all. :blush:

Thanks Pete for another ARG! I think it’s really cool how these things really get the community together in our communal suffering. I’m not entering for any games, though, but I highly recommend Orwell and Domina for those out there considering signing up for them!


i dont think i was here the previous time this was a thing, or maybe i just didn’t pay much attention to the forum, but this time im trying my best to crack these puzzles
i was happy with my performance up until now, im stuck on the third one at the moment

oh and thank you for creating these


Thank you for making these, some of them took me awhile to solve but it was a lot of fun.


Woohoo another ARG! Nice!
Looking forward to trying it, thanks Pete.

I’d like to enter for Orwell please.

I write code for fun (and profit), I just love it! Building and creating something useful or that solves a problem is incredibly rewarding.


You solved them all already? RIP me, I’m at 4, solving them as fast as my little brain can handle.

You guys are too good at making and solving puzzles! haha :joy:


finished already?
oh my
you are making me feel bad about myself :frowning:


Thanks @PeteMcc, awesome challenge! :smile:


I’ve spent more time than I’m comfortable to say, not even trying to figure out the puzzle(s), trying to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to do?
You say that the first one doesn’t give you a pm code, so I don’t pm you for the first puzzle? I am confused

I’ll also enter for domina and Orwell.
Thank you


You need to solve the first puzzle which will lead you to the next puzzle and give you a PM code.


Alrighty another one of these! Thanks Pete! I’ll enter for the other games later, time to get cracking on this.


How is everyone going with it? I know some are still stuck on the first puzzle and 2 or 3 have finished.