Chrono Coins, add maybe a share incentive?


I love the concept of Chrono Coins and I think it will improve Chrono.GG community and sales a bunch.

My suggestion is for maybe a one time share on social media, or maybe weekly, to gather some coins and give exposure.

That way I don’t only talk one time about Chrono.GG and maybe we can weekly or monthly make a post and share about the website and deals, while we can earn some coins, maybe the same amount as the boxes.

Thanks, keep the great work all!


Welcome to the forums, hope you will enjoy your stay.
I’d have to say that is not an entirely terrible idea. Though I’d likely not participate in it as I’m not very fond of social media and shilling for companies on them even less so. But I could certainly see how others might.


yea welcome!
i both like the idea, but also have to be skeptical about it’s implementation (being a cynic like so and all that).
Something to boost the community and bolster chronos coffers to grow, expand and help improve on more overall goodness would be awesome
Yet i can’t help but have that little voice squeaking from the dark abyss in the back of my mind:
“this is gonna be abused in someway”(and like crazy if possible)

but hey, i always gotta be a stick in the mud and voice potential negatives, so it’s probably safe to just close the pantry door, and party on. :smile:

Welcome :smile:
Kind of a tangent, but I wonder if 1 coin per like you receive would be a good incentive for community interaction, hmm… how easy would be to abuse such system?

i think we talked about the potential for abuse on that back when they changed the hearts to coins, and the utter invalidation of “likes” since would likely be spammed (even more)
and chrono already answered back then too
(though they can of course always change their minds any minute, you never know what those cats in the office tell them what to do lol) :smile:

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Oh, I see, I miss the post so I didn’t know, welp, there goes that idea.

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Oh I see. In any way, the system is working great how it is. Thanks for the welcome all !


I’ve read ‘concept’ and instantly thought this thread must be about me, but I found out that it is not. ;-;


That out to be a downward moment on your day ain’t it?