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Chrono coin shop api


What’s up with the 2 ‘mystery’ preview games set at 10000 and 15000 coins with the hint ‘???’ for the coin shop :wink: ? (created 2019-05-17)


because it’s friday/coin shop re-stocking time? :thinking:


yes it’s just being too early to the restocking :stuck_out_tongue: I just wasn’t expecting to get barebone previews only containing the price and creation date put up with no info


how is it too early?
last week was a bonus, so today is “on schedule”
-and if they leaked the full shop details in the api that would kinda defeat the purpose of it being a surprise, so barebones/default "???"mystery placeholders would sorta make sense until it’s the actual release time i suppose


too early = me calling the api seeing the previews while the coin-shop itself doesn’t display the previews.

Also the previews were included in the api response ~10 minutes before they updated to the actual games, so we’re not talking any surprise being ruined in terms of details.

I was not talking about last week, and I know it’s ‘on schedule’ I even made an extension that shows a countdown when I visit chrono