Chrono Coin Animation


I was gonna make a history of chrono coin animations I’ve made but since I’m a new account, I can’t. Here’s the new and improved coin spin gif.

Legacy of the Coin Spin

That’s great, but… put the rotation axis in the middle of the extrusion. That really breaks the mesmerizing appeal for me :confused:

And maybe you could use more vibrant colors and different materials for the coin and the logo. The model is really good.


Here’s an alternate version


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “put the rotation axis in the middle of the extrusion”. The coin rotates around the geometric center of the coin.


Are you sure? It seems to me that the rotation revolves around the coin’s face. I could be wrong, but it’s what I gather from the perspective.


I think you are right, I thought there was something off about the rotation and when I looked at it again I could see how it looked like the rotation was from the face of the coin not within it.


I see what @WikiTora means, it looks like when it is turning it is making a circle, rather than staying in place.

I’m not complaining, it is nice work, mate. Good job.

Welcome to Chrono.


Welcome to the forums! :wink:

So I think the rotation is centered but the camera is slightly shifted to the left so there appears to be more space on one side as it rotates causing the effect. If you compare the padding to the left and right of the coin on the first still frame, I think you’ll see that.


This is turning into one of those magic eye posters, can you see the image within the image?


I can’t see shiiiet, but I had the best ratings in analytic geometry. I’m pretty sure, that coin is rigged!

Edit - upon further inspection, and medication, I see this in the first one…


… and “I :heart: YOU” in the other.


I see two aliens dancing (?). Do I need professional therapy?





Yeah but it has nothing to do with seeing dancing aliens :alien:


A rotating coin has the same shape from any perspective, from what we know it could even be the camera that revolves around the coin. It doesn’t matter.

The coin is rotating around an axis secant the first face of the coin. Then, the coin’s depth shifts and occur the optical effect that you’ve noiced, the coin seems to be moving to the right. Then the animation goes back at frame one.


Nope, not at all…


Confused, when can i spin / open chests?

This is friggin fantastic! :clap:


So I’m pretty sure that for once I was right. :slight_smile:


I’m super active in the discord but new to the forums :slight_smile:


vid 2 doesn’t display what vid 1 does
pause vid 2 about 5secs in and you can see how it shifts and becomes visibly clearly larger to one side than the other (meaning what was once before the top and bottom vertical centered axis points, are now shifted to one side of the coin, making it larger top/bottom off center which shouldn’t occur here)
with a perfect centered “on” axis rotation as in vid 1, such appearance shouldn’t occur, not even as optical illusion (tho putting a “ruler” on my screen says it’s definitely not an illusion, and something is physically off" somewhere, -which should be even more evident by the straight and fixed angles of viewing)

edit edit edit, parenthesis parenthesis parenthesis, god i suck at explaining things :man_facepalming:
top and bottom “center” should stay the same, and with equal “size”/height, during the entire coin rotation, if it displayed perfectly centered as in vid 1, since perfectly centred = top and bottom doesn’t “move”