Chronies Recommendations: Children Books (Sci Fi, Science, Fantasy, Adventures) Toys, Games



Yea. That thread was started during the time I had my cataract surgery.


Goodness gracious, I got lost with the toys, haha… never-never-land. Thank you so much for the additional recommendations, as well! Oh-so-very much :slight_smile: Woo, a lot that I overlooked, once again. Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you :smiley:


The premise of this seems very cute, like Honey I shrunk the kids, ^^ Likely only free today though.


…and I just so happened to get a nice hefty Amazon gift card from my employer last week. Ha, thanks @Danacscott! This does seem adorable with a nice plot and I am curious about the illustrations so I am gonna get a hard copy of it.

Thanks again!! :smiley:


Oh you NEED this…It’s a game. It’s FREE right NOW!

Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading
It’s says normally 6.99 for me; so I am guessing it’s 4.99 US.
Absolutely no in-app purchases, hidden costs or in-game adverts. Perfect for kids :heavy_heart_exclamation:


That’s so cool! I’m glad to hear that, since I was thinking the same thing - it’d be awesome in hard copy. Maybe some time, I can. Let us know how you like it please :grin:


Awesome - tytyty! May never start too early with learning :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Most definitely will! The least I could do :smiley:


I am always surprised at the stuff I get in my emails and RSS feed. And because I am busy, they sometimes pile up. Here is some “learning software products” in Win and Linux. Keep in mind I have not tried any of these but I got these from reliable sources.
"GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10.

Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational.

Here is the list of activity categories with some examples:

  • computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen …
  • reading: letters, words, reading practice, typing text …
  • arithmetic: numbers, operations, table memory, enumeration, double entry table …
  • science: the canal lock, the water cycle, renewable energy …
  • geography: countries, regions, culture …
  • games: chess, memory, align 4, hangman, tic-tac-toe …
  • other: colors, shapes, Braille, learn to tell time …
“KStars is free, open source, cross-platform Astronomy Software. It provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time. The display includes up to 100 million stars, 13,000 deep-sky objects,all 8 planets, the Sun and Moon, and thousands of comets, asteroids, supernovae, and satellites. For students and teachers, it supports adjustable simulation speeds in order to view phenomena that happen over long timescales, the KStars Astrocalculator to predict conjunctions, and many common astronomical calculations.”
“Childsplay is a collection of educational activities for young children and runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux.
Childsplay can be used at home, kindergartens and pre-schools.
Childsplay is a fun and save way to let young children use the computer and at the same time teach them a little math, letters of the alphabet, spelling, eye-hand coordination etc.”


**Saved for future! Thanks, chic! KStars is something I may start using now, though. I think it would be awesome hooked up to the projector.

As always, thank you very much :slight_smile:


I am not sure why they associate “monsters” with learning but here is a different “monster game” with numbers. It’s free not sure for how long.

"Math games for kids: Addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic, division, times tables. Learning games of counting numbers and sequence for preschoolers. Perfect for the young children too!

Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids: addition and subtraction, times tables, multiplication, sequences and division, mental-math calculations and problem solving for k-12 school.

A fun edutainment application. Run, jump, count, add, substract, multiply and divide to win. It’s an actual game!

Highly adaptable edutainment design! It is suitable for all ages!


  • Ages: 4-5 (Preschool):
    Children from ages 4 and 5 (kindergarten) will find age appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics: counting coins, logical sequence, number recognition, association quantity and numbers, sums of sets of coins (easy addition)."

And it goes all the way to:

“- From ages 16 to 100 :)) (Secundary School and adults) : the game will be a great challenge for this age range as well, increasing the difficulty of the mathematical operations and the rest of the levels.”


a remnant of the cultural zeitgeist from such works as:



there’s also a free product called teach your monster how to read or something like that, it’s pretty good


This here is a free Kindle book for the day. Kinda cute


Haven’t heard from @ARS85 in ages. You there???

This was recommended by Gizmo so I just HAD to post this…Not books…but Child friendly videos…

The Kid Should See This is a collection of child-safe videos that people of all ages will enjoy. Science, Technology, Space, Animals, Nature, Food, DIY, Music, Art and Animation are the categories that “smart videos for curious minds of all ages” can enjoy. This is a site that almost anyone can find something to enjoy. There is so much interesting high quality content that is well sourced with great presentation, for example, Walt Disney animators showing how to draw Tigger and Winnie the Pooh. Some of it is for younger kids but much of it will appeal to all ages.”

Enjoy :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Come back @ARS85. Miss ya :hugs:


Just where is @ARS85???

Now this is just the cat’s pajamas. I wish they had this when I was a kid. All we had was a tin can and a string…:cry:

Check out these fun, hands-on @KiwiCo projects for young scientists, artists & makers ages 0-16+. They aren’t free but sure look interesting.


Hey @ARS85…We are still missing you :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am gonna change the title so it’s easier to find. OK? Come back and yell at me if you don’t like it. So there.:rofl:

Thought this would be a good place to add this:


Let your children learn while they are playing on those cell phones/tablets…

Calling @Nyctus, @Vindace, @M00 and @ARS85

Anyone else have young ones?


Thanks Delenn. Although we don’t let our little ones play games. I’m bad enough with being on my phone and computer too much around my oldest, and we really try hard to limit how much screentime they get right now.

Hopefully others can make use of this though.


I’m alive! :smiley:

Thank you delenn and others!

My son is 16mo’s as of today so it is easy to limit screen time at the moment, lol, NONE! Well, 30minutes every other day, and interactive educational stuff. I can only imagine the struggle it may be when they hit adolescent-years as even schools nowadays are swaying towards digital. It can be good, educational, in moderation, as anything in life… moderation :slight_smile:

We’ve had some health issues to tend to but we’ve delved into ABC’s and 123’s of D&D! He loves numbers, letters and shapes! The last few days he has been copying “da-da” and now moves his finger with the words as I read. I am pretty sure he thinks his pointer finger has super powers with how much he points at things, lol.

Anyhow, bless you all for your contributions. They have played a part already, and will in the near present and certainly long term.


Oh so close to the “Terrible Two’s”. Maybe you will be lucky and it not hit until the 3’s :crossed_fingers:

This is awesome!!!

So you been hiding in “Babyland”. It’s good to see you peeking out and returning to us. As I read my CJ Anders Book, I was constantly thinking of you and wondering where you ran off. Thanks once again. :hugs:

I knew you were around at times but silent. So glad to see you back.I am still adding to the thread as I run across things that might help. Others have helped too.

Just keep us up to date as things progress and know you were missed. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: