Chrome notifications appearing twice

Recently (the last few days) the chrome notifications for the new sale have been appearing twice. Is that something on Chronos end or something wrong with Chrome?


Hmm… odd… I haven’t noticed anything different. Also using Chrome.


They are looking into to it. I’ve had it happen on mobile the past few days as well.


Same, the desktop notifications from chrome has been appearing thrice these last few days.

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I checked my notification settings, and it turns out I had notifications coming from both and I got rid of one of these and the notifications no longer appeared twice. I am using chrome as well.

I believe Google recently overhauled Chrome on both desktop and mobile for its 10th anniversary. There may have been some updates to how service workers function under the hood but I would expect any major changes to be announced ahead of time so web developers can implement any upcoming changes before it rolls out.

It might just be a service worker misbehaving due to the way it’s setup and not recognizing the community subdomain as a distinct entity. The forum software has had notification support for a while now - I mistook a community notification as a pre-release front page notification in the past. :blush:

I had some trouble logging in earlier today re-logging in on both desktop and mobile but it’s working now and may have just been issues with Captcha. Thought I should mention it in case other users had been experiencing something similar because it might point towards some underlying site issues that may otherwise go on unnoticed.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve removed all my notifications and reapplied the Chrono one. Hopefully that will fix it. (I also had one for Chrono and another for the community)

Thanks for the heads up folks, as @KSib said, we’re investigating this!


I think removing the community notification and reapplying the regular chrono one worked. Thanks for the update on it though.