Christmas season multiplayer shenanigans

December tends to be a month where many enjoy some extra time off and as much as I’m sure you’d like to pretend you’re looking forward to spending it with family I’m sure we all know how quickly that gets tiring and all you want to do is to just escape them and go play some video games instead.

So I thought I’d check with you good folks here if there’s an interest in setting up some sort of multiplayer event. I don’t really know what sort of games you would like to try, so I’m opening this floor for suggestions. We could try something a kin to what we’re doing with Dirt Rally right now or did with mini metro a while back, just organized playing of a game and comparing results. This works with pretty much any game that has some sort of metric tracking and allows everyone to participate whenever they have the time to do so.

Maybe we could look to pick up something more directly competitive like quake champions or maybe setting up a fighting game tournament or something more co-operative like left 4 dead, Absolver, Destiny 2 maybe Guns of Icarus where we could split into teams and fight each other. We could also look into some f2p or generous trial period MMO to invade and mess around with for a month together.

I’d really like to see if there’s any interest in this, so let me hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Cheers and happy holidays everyone.


I’m very much interested!


Sounds pretty cool. I dig this idea. Don’t have all those games you mentioned but we need just 1 right.
If you ever decide on something, let me know please :grin:


Come to quake champs or Dark Souls Remastered… we had great times with Gnuffi in the regular PvP portion of Prep to Die… He might switch to the remastered cuz I need to reinstall Prep to Die to make it work on the new PC anyway :slight_smile:. Quake is still going though on daily basis :stuck_out_tongue:

For Remastered I’m almost done with my 125 SL PvP char so we can go do some Team Deathmatch.


Will ACTUALLY be with my family for once so… don’t count me in. But! I’d love to play some good ol’ tabletops with you guys any time starting tomorrow up until the 25th.

Have fun during the actual Christmas period though! :butterfly:


Wow that sounds like a great idea, unfortunately I will not be free untill mid december, so I will have to wait untill then. I hav a lot of games in my backlog and I am also down to try something free with some new people!


I’m just starting with the Remaster but i’m liking the idea .


How about this? (if people get it?)


its free with game pass


And Win10 and Steam Editions are said to be cross-play compatible.


Looking at steam I’m rather surprised it claims to be willing to run on win7, though still requires an xbox live account. I don’t know how many people here have a game pass, is that the xbox live or windows store sort of thing? If there’s a number of people who intend to buy this anyway then setting up some MP games could be fun, but I’d have a hard time convincing people to put up $40 just to join in on it though. Or is it just $10?

@onLooSe Dark souls fight club could be fun too, again unfortunately not a game I have but if you and others are up for DS3 instead I’d be happy to join.

@DontBeSilly @eliaviaene what specifically would you be interested in joining? So far we’re looking for ideas and suggestions. If everyone could look around their libraries and see if you could find something you think could be fun to do something in and tell us about it that’d be very helpful.


I…don’t know… It’s listed as $10 but also says requires Master Chief Collection to buy. But the Master Chief collection should include Reach plus 5 other Halo games (i believe). It’s confusing.

I think will probably find out shortly after 343 Servers and Steam stop crashing from everyone trying to play it.


Lately been a lot into Terraria again. It’s a suggestion. Very much possible to coop with a bunch of people. Any thoughts?


Well our best bet is a free game because you will always have a person or two missing the game , even though it’s cheap or has been given for free before. I will dig through that pile of games on steam later today and see what i can find.


Oh well… Steam’s Free to Play selection is real shit show. After probably 40 pages i dont have a clue what to suggest. There’s a lot of MMOs so if we are looking for that we are good. Other than MMos i cant say i found anything too interesting.

Best bet to have some fun is Destiny 2 or Warframe i guess but it depens on what others want to play and how many potato PCs we will have.

  • Path of Exile (not sure how many can play together)
  • Planetside 2
  • Realm of the Mad God
  • Warframe
  • Destiny 2
  • CS:GO
  • World of Warships
  • World of Tanks
  • Brawlhalla
  • Crusader Kings II(?)

There are also various non steam free to play games around.


Quake Champions

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I could go for Warframe and Destiny 2. I’ve played Warframe a lot in the past but it’s been really long since. (FYI: I don’t ave a potato PC :wink:)


Same here! I need to check my PS4,
Actually, I had a lot of prime frames and weapons I had grinded out.

I’d love to do a warframe squad with everyone, I don’t know how the game has changed since I last played but I know the devs have been building the game for the good of their player base, not their paychecks (at the last time I played anyways).


I motion to remove Halo: Reach from consideration.

So I cannot see how the crossplay between Steam and Xbox would really work for Reach. And making groups is 100% counter intuitive.

I have verified the following things:

you call those gunshots? extremely muffled.

what graphical settings?

Missing key KB+M keybinds that just about any shooter uses.

You cannot crouch while using KB+M while moving. Which is completely stupid.

Either I don’t remember controller for this game or it’s keybinds are whacked up as well.

I feel like it’s missing a feedback when you are shooting things. Not sure if it’s sluggishness though.

Yes you need XBLive to play. So no offline play.

Easy Anti Cheat will refuse to let you even START the game if you have any RGB software running. Period. Not MP, the entire game.

After playing through the First Campaign mission… I would say I’m…kinda disappointed. underwhelmed.