Christmas Gift Ideas!?

Trying to figure out what to get the wife for Christmas and I’m just drawing a blank. Do you all have any ideas? She just had a birthday in October and that was difficult enough to figure out!

She doesn’t like games, if that helps. Clothes (not skirts), shoes, alcoholic drinks, jewelry would all work but I don’t know if those are too standard. None of her interests are too weird. Not big into reading or wearing socks. That sentence was strange to write.


Also, thanks.


Does she have hobbies? Favourite band, crazy for Sudoku - anything like that?


Has She played Garfield kart? during the steam sale it will most likely be selling for $1 and is an amazing gift for friends and family!!!



Hahaha love the sweater. She doesn’t have much for hobbies right now. She likes watching a lot of Netflix/Hulu when she comes home.

So far I’ve gotten her some cbd bath bombs, mimosa cubes that apparently you can put in a wine glass and it becomes wine, a wine glass with Soujourner Truth stuff on it, and a spice rack for the cabinet.


Those all sounds pretty good. Date ideas as gifts Are nice too. Doing something and spending intentional, special time is a great gift!

For instance, I took my wife out to a dinner and performance of “the Christmas Carol” as an early Christmas present, and that was wonderful. We spent a single night away from home along with it Just for something special on top.

So sometimes it’s not just “what can I get” but “what can we do” as well. I understand that that’s not feasible for everyone, but my wife is hard to buy for so I find that special dates and doing things can help with that.


Give her a Christmas greeting card.

OK, in all seriousness, perhaps some merchandise relating to the shows she really likes since she watches Netflix and Hulu. I’m not sure since I’m not a gift person nor I celebrate Christmas in my country. However, they can get expensive do don’t take it too seriously especially if you are on a budget. Or you could…well, you know.


Absolutely this. Money spent on EXPERIENCES rather than material gifts is money best spent.

Go on a brief trip if you can afford to (time and money-wise) – somewhere close by for the weekend. If not, maybe take her out for dinner at a special place for the two of us. Perhaps go to the movies see something you know she’d like or is looking forward to seeing. Going on museums, music concerts (I love listening to Classical Music live) or even a natural reserve might be a good call depending on where you live and the time it’d take to visit these places.

Additionally, if you can’t go with her due to time constraints or anything like that, maybe pay her for a day at the spa – see if any of her girlfriends would like to join in on the surprise – or pay for a hair + nails day at a salon she usually goes to, if she’s into that. A professional massage can also be a wonderful gift if she’s feeling stressed with life recently and, frankly, everyone could do with some relaxation.

Hope at least one of these sound like a good idea! :blush:

I know we all fall prey to the habit of gifting people things for them to use/look at etc., but memories are priceless and last fa longer without disappointing us like material gifts – which get worn-out or replaced.

Merry Christmas!


You should buy her some raunchy anime figurines. Either she’ll love it and now you have an endless supply of good gifts for the future, or she’ll definitely start telling you what she wants from here on so you never do that again.

Though on a more serious note, art is often a good idea. It’s something most people don’t really consider putting money into themselves. Be it “high” art like paintings or statuettes that might fit your home or things associated with shows or other entertainment you both enjoy.


I sometimes just make a deal with a person ( ovbiously person who knows you well enough and vice versa ) not to gift anything at all to each other . All that craze of buying stuff is just capitalists talking trough you , you know. You can enjoy holidays without material stuff.

That ofc doesnt work with everyone but just an idea i sometimes put into a practise with like minded people.


A container to carry drinks, a travel set, food, useful tools and stuff maybe


I would suggest a “spa day” or maybe get her nails and hair done. Then take her somewhere special to show her off. Or do a day trip and go to a Bed & Breakfast. Experiences are better…and take pictures.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Since she likes to spend a lot of time watching Netflix and Hulu maybe get her a weighted blanket so she can cozy up? Personally I would love to get one of those.


Oooh thanks for all the great replies. I do like the idea of planning an “experience” instead of a physical gift. It’s been a while since we’ve done something like a spa day and I know she’d love me to get a pedi with her or a massage or something like that. Even if I don’t use an idea for Christmas, Valentine’s Day will also follow so I might have to save some of those ideas for then :smiley:



Glad you’ve got some good ideas! Merry Christmas!