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Chill games of Apex Legends?


Was wondering if someone who play this ol’ game is down for few matches. Am from EU but US east coast does have decent ping for me too.
If someone wants to join in for few matches here and there, my Origin is MOO_Nikean


Sorry but now i imagine you looking like this :

No offense,just a joke :smiley:


It’s pretty damn accurate partner.


Out of the people on this forum I know @xist and @M00 plays this game, or at least used to, a lot. They might be happy to let you join them.


I played it for a week or 2, lol, a while back, but i was a big noob, nothing like the absolute mastership which Xist displays day-in day-out. I might play a few games with @xist in a week or so, will have a few days off, if he’s up for it, would be great if meowski, you, or onloose would consider joining in as well then


Nice chill games he says…let’s just see…tap, tap, tap, tap…

Wraith main with 1,218 kills… :open_mouth:

Bet you’re rocking a legendary skin too (probably Quarantine 722). :wink:

But, if you’re happy with playing with people who are NOWHERE near as good as you and die a lot, I’m still loving Apex and play most days. UK time too so not too far apart there. Let me know and I’ll add you.


I prefer more chill players. Also nah, am not a tryhard, just sometimes decent at shooters. :smiley:
Do add me up if you are down sometime!