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Child of Light Free from the 24th - 26th of March @ Uplay



Child of Light will be free from the dates mentioned, set a reminder!


@PeteMcc, that might be a mod-only tool. I cannot see such a thing…

Have everything but the wrench...

Thanks for the heads up on the free game anyway. :smiley:


no wrench in top right of the screen?


Well, a wrench usually means moderator on the interwebs


FYI, you can get other freebies from uplay on this site as well.


ok well i set a reminder for myself so I will send out a reminder message


I don’t know if I can wait until the 24th, may be distracted by Animal Crossing. lol


Dude. get away while you can! O_o haha.


Unfortunately it didn’t arrive today, either. I think it may be severely delayed due to the corona virus stuff. Hopefully we get it tomorrow. lol but, so far, not completely distracted. xD


When it’s available you should be able to grab it here


I’m pretty sure that one is active right now >

P.S. Haven’t tried 'cuz I don’t care about uplay.


Indeed, thanks for the reminder:

Screenshot from the client to claim the game for free


Snatched it up myself too, yay! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to grab this of you want it