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Change Username Option?


It would be nice to have because I go by multiple aliases online and perhaps an option to switch between them would be nice. You could do it like Steam where you can mouse over someone’s name and it would say (This user has changed their name from xxx to xxxx in order to prevent spammers or whatever.)


Do people really change their aliases enough to warrant this? Discourse certainly supports username-changing, but honestly I like the continuity of everyone maintaining one username. If someone’s changing theirs all the time it may be hard to remember who they are.


The way we currently have Discourse operating with the main site username changing is a bit of a pain, so we’ve disabled it. In the future we may redo the system to make it possible though. Thanks for the suggestion!


Is there still no username changing?


Unfortunately it’s a manual process on our end. Throw me a DM with what you’d like your name to be and I can get it changed.