Chance for re-stock of previous/sold out games? (pwetty pwease)

I have no doubt you guys will fill the shop with more great games available to us for coins.
Buuuut (spoiled (by chrono goodness) brat inc), since I (and maybe others) are picky about spending their “hard earned” coins on game they really want rather than just picking the first and best whatever is available, is it possible for restocking or a “request/pay extra coin for/vote for restock X” feature?
Since (and i know from reading other posts i wasn’t alone) One Finger Death Punch was gone in like a blink of an eye (i hit refresh/logged in and GONE), and while saving up for Dustforce it quickly became apparent, NOPE, not gonna be one of those that get that either as it rose rapidly in %-claimed day-by-day while i was still “inches” away from a chest bonus (auch that hurts)
Such experience leads one to become cautious, prudent perhaps, carefully weighing “is this the ONE, should i spend my coins on this game?” leading to doubt, “but what if they put another great game up like last time and again this time i wont have enough because i just spend it on another just to be fast”
what i’m saying is for semi-paranoid people like me it places one in a pickle, when to spend coins, “will there ever come THAT great game again?” or “should i just blow it all on this one?” because who really knows what and when will come next?
so right now i’m sitting on a decent amount of coins, looking at 2-3 games with a sad “sold out” tag unsure if i should just opt in and “buy” whatever now, to make sure i’m getting some, or be that old hopeful hermit with a mattress full of Chroins™(sounded better in my head) waiting to cash in after the apocalypse
Yes you’ve spoiled me(us) Chrono, and now i’m throwing a stubborn fit like a spoiled brat, stomping my feet and holding my breath getting all purple in the head because i want more of your delicious ice cream
(realize i might have confused you guys with Ben & Jerry’s, but i still equally want your goodies)


Honestly I think a voting system would be pretty great for this sort of thing, letting us vote on a select few games we want back every now and then would be nice! Or possibly a reserve system where we get a preview of some games to come and can maybe reserve a copy? Though I imagine that might be easy to abuse.

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Definitely some neat ideas! We still don’t have any immediate plans to restock games, but we may feature them again in the future along with some systems that make it easier to get games before they sell out. :slight_smile: