Celebratory Give Away

Thank you very much for doing this! I can’t pass on Caveblazers, because it’s my niche of tryhard type of a game so I hope to destroy it one day :slightly_smiling_face:

I really want to visit one particular “tower”, but it might shock plenty of people… It’s totally professional admiration and curiosity >

The Trump Tower in New York - Manhattan by architect Der Scutt.

I know it’s not a tower per say… but I hate the typical skyscrapers and this one being made in the early 80’s (designed late 70’s) with this unique facade and interior makes it one of the few I can respect.
I know there was controversy if it should be allowed to be build in the first place, because of the historical importance of the place it ended up residing on, but that’s how new architecture tends to push old one in such highly sought after places… The architect in mention deserves way more credit designing it that way and making it with a mixed-use development to push the project in, while still making pretty unique building.

Thanks again for the giveaway and cheers!


I will not be entering, but thanks for the giveaway!


Entries are closed - Thanks all for entering.

I’ll pick the winners this evening and send some PMs


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