It all boils down to what are the plans of Chrono…Do they stay a small gaming community or do they…

It’s their future…

BTW…Up my capacity for my Likes…I have barely been up for an hour and I am running out of likes.

Edit:Just ran out. Now I have to wait an hour.:frowning_face:


I think the categories are fine for a forum of this size. The forum is too small to need fine-grained categorization.

I support the tags idea though! I think tags would be great, and they’re scaleable. Plus, if the Chrono forum grows large enough to truly warrant more categories, tags would make it much easier for the mods to move existing threads to the new categories.

Currently, the only category I’m interested in is a trades section (mainly so that I can mute it, and only check it when I have games to trade), but I think tags would be a better solution than a category for that.


We need a category dedicated to complaints about streaks breaking and the inability to log in while blocking Captcha.

Then the option to toggle off the visibility of that category. :smirk:


Sorry for going off topic, but curiosity got the better of me and I did some googling to find out what “vore” is.

WTF? :astonished: :confused:

I must have been living under a rock, because I never knew that fantasies about ingesting people/creatures were a thing. (Anyone else get a sinking feeling like we are rapidly approaching the end of days? :rofl:)

@Fraggles you are one sick dude :joy:. I love how you just casually toss this in as a possible topic of conversation that would warrant its own category.


You know…until now, I thought that was just an innocent typo and that @Fraggles meant to type “lore”…

Now that I know it’s an actual thing(Thanks, @DanosaurJr) I am terrified to check that word in the UD. :scream: That @Fraggles!