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Carcassonne & Ticket to Ride free @Epic Games Store



Free Now till - Feb 13 at 11:00 AM EST.


Free next week, Feb 13 - Feb 20…


*KC:D was added @ 11:03AM.


And Kingdom Come? Already?


Nice, now I get to try it out, Kingdom Come I mean, I gave away my humble bundle key and I don’t mind trying out the game from the Epic giveaways. :smiley:


I can strongly recommend both games, Ticket to ride by personal experience and Carcassonne by what I’ve read about the board game previously. They both operate with their own in game server browsers so crossplay should be entirely possible.


Thanks, Geeky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


LOL! ^^

@GeekInUndies Thanks. ^^

@YQMaoski Yup, I’m curious why it got a wee bit of hate. Herm.


Cheers @GeekInUndies I’m really looking forward to next weeks games. Especially Aztez it looks like my kind of fun. My Epic games collection is huge now, lots of games to catch up on and no time to fit them in, even Satisfactory and Dangerous Driving that I purchased have hardly been touched.


My wife and I play the physical versions of both all the time and love them. Great games.


Carcassonne is easy to learn and very variative when you master it. I’ve played it a lot (although not the digital version). It’s one of the best family tabletop games out there. My 78 year old grandma won’t play anything, but she enjoys Carcassonne. And she’s so good with setting the peasants, too. She’s told me a secret: whenever you don’t know what to do, place a peasant :smiley:


Anyone interested in playing Carcassonne? I’ve never played the physical version, but I’m interested in it.


I sense that it’s super smart for Asmodee Digital to have Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride on Epic Game. Both games are loved and have been quite a stable for physical board gamers and casual gamers.

Smart as in there are tons of DLCs that people who loved the games will likely to purchase. Those are great add-on for a likable games.

I have played Carcassonne once, tried this digital version, 3 games later I am already thirsty for another round!

Epic Game wins.

(Sundered®: Eldritch Edition was my first free game on Epic Game. Thanks GOG/Humble/Steam was giving Jotun: Valhalla Edition free many months ago, and that was a great game)