Can't stay logged in?

Hey folks, I’ve bought some games for a couple months, but every day when I check the site, it seems I’m always logged back out. I don’t have issues with other sites, so is this normal for I’d like to stay logged in so my purchases always stay tied to my account and I don’t have to worry about logging in every day.

The other part is that the box to “notify me of future deals” is always checked off by default whenever I try to buy a game. I’d like to be able to keep that unchecked as I’m trying to limit the amount of e-mail I get and I’m pretty good about checking in daily anyway. Any way I can change that to streamline things?

Thanks, keep up the awesome work!

Getting logged out too quickly has been a nagging bug that we’ve fixed, but it looks like it may have regressed recently. We’ll take a look again and see what the issue is.

As for the email checkbox, we’re working on an update that will remember your preference. Expect that in a week or so. Sorry for the annoyance!

We pushed an update that should’ve solved this. If you encounter the issue again please let us know!

This has happened to me on and off ever since I first joined the site. I had to log in today despite having been logged in for a 9 day streak now. It’s rather annoying and something I’d much appreciate if you could fix :confused: