Can't redeem keys anymore

I’ve redeemed games in the past but today I tried again and I’m getting errors. Can someone please help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, could you describe what’s going wrong in a bit more detail? Which game are you having trouble redeeming?

Hi there, its any game atm I’m not sure why. I have enough credits. I wanted one of the last Meltdown and iO. Hope you can help me out. I’ve got enough coins for them both.

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Still can’t redeem anything today either.

After looking into it, it appears you have multiple accounts. We prevent users with multiple accounts from purchasing to avoid reselling of keys.


I don’t have multiple accounts though. The only other account that was made in my house was my brothers and he made an account ages ago. I only use this account. I don’t have any others.


What is that? OMG! Are those going to my email?

I didn’t verify these.


I don’t understand how it can say I have 99 accounts. I only use this account. Is there anyway of deleting the others?

correct me if I’m wrong, but since those emails all redirect to the same address, you would have seen many confirmation emails from Chrono. If someone other than you really did sign up those alternate addresses, they would have had to confirm their accounts by logging in to your email.

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