Can't purchase today's deal through PayPal

Hello, I’m having issues purchasing today’s deal (Dying Light) and would like to know if you have changed your policies regarding PayPal.

I bought Yakuza 0 through your store using PayPal and had no issues, now I’m trying to buy Dying Light and now PayPal tells me you only accept PayPal payments from the United States. Is this an error? I couldn’t find anything from a quick Google search. Please help me, I’ve been itching to try Dying Light for a while and this is the cheapest I’ve found the game at and it would be a shame if I were to miss out on this deal.

I’m from Australia


The exact same problem for me. This is the first time I want to make a purchase on Chrono, but if all the transactions via paypal are for US only then what is the point? The website should be addressed as US only.

Maybe the game is US region locked? The front page does not even mention the region.

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We have members here in the community from all over the world. It may possibly be a regional thing for the game key itself? Or, I doubt, possible a PayPal restriction. I wish I could be of more help but I am sure we have some more experienced members, especially abroad members, who will chime in shortly.

I hope things get figured out - best of luck!



Oh, by the way, a little over 10hrs before the game/deal ends. I am positive someone will answer well before then!


We appreciate your reply. It might be related to the region of the game. Will wait for someone to confirm that.


Unfortunately, we’ve been seeing a large number of fraudulent purchases recently via non-US PayPal accounts. We’re working with PayPal to remedy this, but in the meantime we’ve had to stop accepting international PayPal payments.

I’ll temporarily undo that for the next couple hours, so if you’re unable to use a card, make your purchase quickly. Apologies for the inconvenience!


The Owner of Fat Cats has spoken! And awesome support, lonin @enabling it temporarily. Stinks about the fraud nonsense nowadays. I hope that gets worked out soon.


Thanks for the quick response, I hope you get the Fraud issue with PayPal sorted.


Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate your action.
I just purchased the game and activated it successfully. This is my first purchase from Chrono and love to be a regular customer.

I hope you sort out the PayPal fraud issue. Maybe you should accept PayPal payments from confirmed addresses only to prevent any fraudulent attempts because not accepting non-US Paypal payments will reduce your revenue and customers as well. I hope you will sort it out. Thanks.


Unfortunately, they are confirmed addresses. :confused:


I am sorry to hear this.
Maybe it’s an option to add IDeal payment?
IDeal is a payment option many webshops (also almost all gaming related webshops) use for the Netherlands. It’s the most safe option for merchants. (a customer cannot undo a payment)

I don’t know if other countries use it too. Not everyone has a Credit Card here.


I now have the same issue with wanting to buy today’s X-Com 2 bundle, while in the past I was always able to buy your games with my PayPal account with Dutch bank account.

Is there another way for me to buy this bundle without having to use a credit card (don’t have one)?


I’m running into the same issue as well. Already told a few friends about the CIV VI Gold Edition deal and convinced them to get the game. Now we aren’t able to purchase because none of us use credit card (we’re from Germany and cc aren’t as big here) - only PayPal.

Any way we can get todays deal through our PayPal?


I’ve temporarily enabled non-US payments again, so have at it!


i hope you revoked the keys hard on those fraudsters :triumph:
sigh, so sad when people resort to this stuff, i hope your paypal woes don’t last and doesn’t adversely effect y’alls business too severe