Can't login on mobile because captcha doesn't show verify button

The verify button on the stupid captcha pop up doesn’t show up/i can’t scroll down to get to it. So I cannot login. Please help?

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What system are you using? I just signed out and back on with my cell phone.

I am on Android, using Chrome, no issues…

I also put this into the Site Feedback category, just FYI. When it’s in off-topic, I am not sure if the admin folks see it as quickly.


They “see” it better if you call TPTB…Now @lonin, Now @frst, Now @dusty and @EMCL!
On @RaccoonV

I’ll stop. It’s way too early for Christmas… :rofl:


As @YQMaoski asked, it would be great if you wouldn’t mind providing some additional information. What type/version of device, operating system and browser are you using? Is this the first time you’ve experienced this or has it happened before?

Appreciate you reaching out :slight_smile: and apologies for the difficulties logging in!


This typically happens when there’s a script/ad blocker running. If you have any of those enabled try whitelisting the site.


Thank you everyone for your replies, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using my Amazon fire hd 8 tablet to access for months now without issue. As far as I’m aware nothing has changed on my tablet. However I’m noticing now it also seems the tablets browser is having trouble with this reply box page too as when the keyboard is open I cannot scroll the page to see what I’m typing. Seems like maybe the tablet is suddenly having issues with the website formatting :frowning:

I tried it on my android phone too using Firefox and had the same captcha issue though so maybe I’m just very unlucky:confused:
Thanks again for your replies!!!


So are you saying …It’s still not working?

If not, I would take a screenshot and email them to Make sure you give OS version and browser etc…

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