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Can't get a key from coin shop


I have been trying for a few hours to get Seven: Enhanced Edition key and Driftland: The Magic Revival key but it doesn’t go through. I see other people can since keys claimed number grows up. Everytime I try it says "Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?"
I have enough coins to buy those keys but I don’t understand what’s wrong.


did you try doing what the message says? You know, sending a mail?


I did a couple of hours before writing here. To this moment no responce. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since keys that I want are gone…


they have a lot of mails to go through cuz there was so much increased traffic and hence a huge increase in ppl needing help as well

if i know anything about this company, it’s that if it is verified that you indeed tried to claim it and it didn’t work, they might give you that game without even taking your coins, so just sit tight.


You were right. I am so used to support everywhere not being helpful that I was almost shocked when they did that. It even feels strange for me, like someone responded kindly?
Well the problem was fixed and I got a key for the game I really wanted to try. If support ever reads this topics I wanted to say thanks! That was really awesome!



that’s support usually, great guy, wonder what happened to Bert though


…we don’t talk about him anymore


I was afraid so

I guess it’s fine, was kind of a weird fella anyway


Same problem, no response from support after 3 days, gg