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Cant enter my account


Cant enter my account! I cant get recovery mail
I’m not only one. wtf chrono


maybe you made more than 1 account and system banned you?

otherwise maybe you should contact support at


they’ll get through them eventually


Who’s the other one(s) @TRASHGG ? I’m sure they would like to know as well.


2 can be found here:


i create this account after my main acc was banned.
Okay im try to contact support


@M00 Thank you kindly


As can I understand, my account was deleted (with 22+k coins), because I created a new account with same mail. I want to know why did this happen?(I hope this English is understandable)



@lonin Can that actually happen? Registering twice with the same email and having it overwrite the old one?


I knew those people were sketchy :joy:


My account already was deleted, else I can’t create a new account. Or there is another system?


I create new acount with new email after my main account (20k+ coins) go INSTANT DEAD without any recovery.
so i’m waiting to support reply now.


This is my problem


creating an account with an email already used should not be possible, if it’s possible that’s a bug… i cant believe this can be some “as designed” behavior.

this is only my opinion but i want to know what was the issue if it wasn’t that.

tldr: leaving a . so i can get notified on the topic


someone helped in this situation?


i made a dummy account with a email which i use mainly for spam ( around 1k unread messages xD ) and it didin’t allowed me to make a new account using the same email