Can't buy using Paypal

Hi Chrono,
Really happy about the paypal feature, however I have some issues buying with it.
I tried to buy Insurgency today with paypal, but for some reason I can’t.
After clicking “Continue” on the paypal popup (see attached picture), the paypal simply closes, and nothing seems to happen.

Is there something I’m missing? Never had any problems using Paypal on other sites.


Sorry, but this doesn’t sound plausible at all. Try using a different browser, if this even happened.
Only time my PayPal ever acted weird was when I tried to buy from Nuuvem that had region locked content, but even then I would get an error message saying what’s wrong.
Did you use English for your address as stated in the screenshot?

I tried using Chrome and IE, neither worked. I also had a friend trying from his own computer and his own paypal account, and got the same results.
I also have everything written in English.

The thing is, nothing seems ot show up on the “Order summary” (left side of screenshot). Usually when buying using Paypal you have the price tag there.

Is it possible that there is some sort of problem with orders coming from Israel (where I live)?


After the PayPal closes, it takes you back to the site. You should see a pop-up screen of design, where it says that your selected payment method is:

PayPal Balance

and a yellow button saying “Pay 2.50$”

Click the yellow button. Only now you have paid the money and get your key.
PS: also your screenshot shows that your PayPal Balance is not used and the money is instead taken from your debit/credit card. That may also be an issue if your credit card is not verified by PayPal, if you have blocked online transactions or whatever else security stuff your bank uses.


This is very different from the usual method of buying with Paypal (in the actual page of Paypal).
Thanks Psojed, I feel like an idiot for missing the Insurgency sale now :\


Luckily Insurgency is a game that is discounted a lot, so you will be able to pick it up later. Last Steam sale was during the winter for 2.24$ only, so maybe during the summer sale :slight_smile: Otherwise you can get it right now for about 4 USD on other sites.


Same for me i don’t come even that fare as itzhaki’s picture shows. This is the first time paypal refuse to work.


Hey guys, sorry if you’re having trouble with PayPal! Psojed said, the flow should be that you press the Pay with PayPal button, a window pops up where you can sign in to PayPal, after signing in you select your payment method, you press the Continue button and the window should close and you’ll see your PayPal account info on our page. Then you just hit the Pay button and you’re done!

If it’s not working that way for you, please send us an email at with some screenshots of what’s happening and we’ll get it sorted out. :slight_smile:

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