can't buy super trench attack

the coin shop is getting broken everyday! but of course the main menu one works flawlessly >:( this is like selling a game that can’t connect to any server but purchasing it’s dlc and micro transaction, the game suddenly has quantem computer connectivity!

I don’t know how your analogy is supposed to work at all, are you insinuating there’s something fraudulent going on?
You have not paid anything and you’re not being denied anything and you’re not asked to pay anything to fix whatever it is that you think you’re not getting.

If you can’t buy from the coin shop there is the fairly unlikely reason that there is an actual problem in the chrono software or server, in which case you should email and tell them what error message you get if any. The more likely reason however is that you’ve been flagged for using multiple accounts and as such this and every other account is banned.

I purchased the game in question earlier today so I can say for certain it worked then. But I wont completely discard the possibility of a problem having happened since.

Hope you’ll have a great day though.


Yeah, um, sorry about that. I think I may have (accidentally) broken the coin shop yesterday, when I was checking the price of the coming soon games. Not sure who broke it today. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m curious, are those who have been flagged/banned from buying games in the coin shop still able to collect coins and purchase the daily deal? I assume they would at least be allowed to continue purchasing daily deals.

I can’t buy super trench cause of this error message “hey, I know it’s crazy but something broke, so contact us maybe?” but seems ok for everybody else cause it’s was 48% claim before I made this thread

Yes I believe it’s a sort of soft ban, you can keep collecting coins though those coins are of course completely useless because you’re not able to buy anything for them. I don’t know exactly how it works of course, they are understandably rather secretive about it. Knowing how the ban works makes it easier for people to try to figure out a way around it.

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your joking? this is 2nd time I got this soft ban. why won’t they just make us activate games immediately like indiegala if they really want to stop people re-gifting these games? hell make the games only for non-limited steam profiles and that will decimate the leeches to starvation lol.

You seems to be aware of the situation, so why don’t be honest upfront instead of rambling about some fictional bugs?

Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.

Besides, we’ve already established that yesterday’s outage was due to @DanosaurJr wild use of the F5 key.


kinda illustrates you might have a problem on your end and you need a serious talk with chrono support, since under normal circumstance you don’t even get 1 “soft” ban, and if you have received it before it’s kinda telling[quote=“silverknight, post:6, topic:5573”]
why won’t they just make us activate games immediately like indiegala if they really want to stop people re-gifting these games
to my knowledge indigala has not done that with any of the games they offered me for free,

  • your suggestion about non-limited steam profiles can also be circumvented,
    not to mention requires public profile which not all are comfortable despite being legit users

chrono have said they don’t really want to exclude people, forcing people to link a public steam profile or even having a +5$ accounts, could cause some exclusions (albeit perhaps not a totally unreasonably type)
their system might not be 100% perfect, false positives can happen, but since the likelihood of "mis"behavior is more on the user-side when such bans occur you really should take it up with support,
not saying you did something wrong, but other users that received a ban did, while plenty of legit ones remain


It’s the same ban, your account has been flagged so in the future if you try and get any coin shop games you will get the same error message.

indiegala have been doing that for a long time, nice try. I’m not gonna argue with you lying to save your multiple accounts from being useless if Chrono follows indiegala handling on free games or you just talking out your ass. I’m contacting Chrono support on this.

I love that there is always one every cycle.

Indiegala ask that you activate the key asap but they don’t have a time limit on it

Copy pasted from their email:

Your keys and your account will NEVER expire. You can activate your keys
even after a year has passed.
Most of the unsold keys are sent back to the vendor 60 days after the
bundle ends, so replacing keys after this period may be difficult.

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they don’t “demand” you to, they suggest you activate your keys immediately(same way with bundlestars etc), since it’s both to their and the customers benefit, since it alleviates “issues” or hassle down the road later

also if you weren’t busy being so argumentative and ridiculously infuriated, you would have noticed i wasn’t even disagreeing with your suggestion since i called and i it quote [quote=“Gnuffi, post:8, topic:5573”]
(albeit perhaps not a totally unreasonably type)

nor did i say it wasn’t a good idea, i just said it had it’s own set of issues,[quote=“Gnuffi, post:8, topic:5573”]
your suggestion about non-limited steam profiles can also be circumvented, not to mention requires public profile which not all are comfortable despite being legit users
(ps. i have a public profile Mr MacSmartyPants, hence why i’m not objecting to the idea, but i understand others that don’t feel that way in being “public on the web” despite legit)
the stance on not excluding people comes from Chrono’s side, not mine,
there have been other suggestion in the past to reduce fraud, such as demanding X amount of purchase from the store before being allowed access to coin shop
Chrono have decided to not implement any of these, but put other countermeasures in place instead

but leave something simple as reading and reasoning to a frustrated "soft"banned user, and they can draw all types of conclusions apparently
legendary “connect-the-dot skills” there my man, should open a detective agency

next time, read what you are replying to, and maybe also check the person you are replying to, before you wildly start accusing them
remember, you’re the one that received a ban, not me, :wink:
i’ve been a happy camper (user/customer) here on Chrono for a while
(then again i don’t run around messing with the system so i don’t get many issues, unlike “others”) :smirk:

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uh i love that 1!:astonished: :heart_eyes_cat::hugging:
(would you believe this is the 4th time im watching it today?)

I know, I’m one of your multiple accounts, remember?

oh right, sry i keep forgetting
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Definitely 47, have you seen the documentary they made of us?

alas not yet
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In the end they ate it :pig2: :pig: :pig_nose: