Cannot buy game with Coins

I buy games with coins but it said me “Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?”
I’ve send a Email to and got a reply

Your account was found to be a duplicate of other accounts on In order to prevent exploitation of the coins system, duplicate accounts are not allowed to make purchases from the shop.

If you feel this determination inaccurate you will be able to use the coin shop again after additional verification once we have completed implementing the new coin shop verification system."

But I’m wait and…nothing happen. What i gonna do now @@ Please help

contact support again,, they are the only ones that can do anything, so you just gotta try+wait for reply

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They told you exactly what to do.
Wait until the new verification system is live, then use it. Try your very best to not use multiple accounts in the meantime.


But i’m wait over a month but nothing happen

well the new verification system has not been implemented and we are not sure when that will happen, did you reply to the email saing you do not have a duplicate account?


I’ll try that, thanks you @PeteMcc <3

Well, I contacted them 3-4 times, and wait. Then still nothing happen … What I gonna do now T.T



I waited over 2 months. And…I think it’s “Patient time”.

you have to remember, Chrono is not a huge company with tons of staff
so any alterations, and especially a major system change like the verification security, can take a while
if support hasn’t been able to solve your issue without/until/before the new system is put in place, then there is nothing you can do but wait until the system is finished
when that is, only Chrono knows and can announce in time.
We are just mere forum dwellers here, and have no insights on what’s going on behind the curtain or in the minds of the Chrono office cats

you unfortunately only have those 2 options for the time being;
contacting support and hope get your issues resolved that way somehow.
Or be further patient, and wait, until the new system is done and implemented, (as previously instructed)

best to you, hope you get it solved


They already gave you the answer, it’s a waste of their time to say the same thing over and over again so they are ignoring you, if you continue to email them you won’t get a response.


Okay, ty you guys

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