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cannot be redeemed ):


thank god I’ve notice that before chucking my paypal at this great blasphemous deal.
would suggest to make it more noticeable just to help the restricted countries players out there making less unfortunate mistakes.


It’s the first thing I do - check region. There was a time DMC 5 was on sale here, but region locked for me. Measure twice, cut once.


Why even region lock digital games in the first place? Don’t you WANT to earn money. It’s one thing if its banned (or pulled for Asian countries just release Metal Gear Rising for Steam aaaaa), another to have an altered or censored but why can’t we have some sort of alternate code depending on the region. Like ex: if one country cannot get the game due to sensitive topics, so the game devs give an alternate option. Come to later when a website like Chrono gives a deal, and what if the person from said country buys the game? Get the alternate version as an option if possible. At least then there’d be a best of both worlds situation where you can still operate legally worldwide,without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
This is more so to the publishers and Valve in some ways, not Chrono themselves just so you know. I do not blame them for the restrictions. It has itself a huge amount of problems like disproportionate keys between versions, so take this with some grain of salt.


It’s exactly the money flow that limits regional locks in a lot of games. They don’t want people buying in a cheap region and then reselling/gifting to a more expensive region. They want you to buy the games at full price, as high as they have marked it, for your region.

Granted this doesn’t always work out, and there are some people who have to pay hefty sums compared to normal living standards because regional pricing isn’t ideal for a lot of people.


Tell me about it… I pay standart European price for digital goods which is more or less adjusted to Germany,France,Netherlands etc. while average income over here is at least half of those big European economies so pretty much every 60€ release is a 120€ over here so buying full priced games is out of the question for me.

As much as i would like to enjoy all big and shiny games i’m always forced to wait at least a year or two before they get discounted (besides some commercial flops which gets on Sale after few months of bad sales) .


The Devil’s Hunt feels although the price has gone down distractedly of late.


I betatested this game. Don’t buy it. It sucks, hard. So hard the company even went bankrupt xD


oooh… that’s so sad!


Not really. The owner didn’t pay workers in the last 3 months. I feel for them, but not for the owner, screw that guy