Can you guys add Hyper light drifter for like 5-10K coins it would make everyone happy :)

do you gys think that they shold add it?


As excited as that would make me, I don’t think the Chrono staff would be able to get the HLD developers to donate keys. After all, HLD is really popular and well-liked, so the devs have no reason to donate keys to some random website. It would be like asking for Horizon: Zero Dawn to be added to the shop: highly unlikely. Besides, you’re not the first person to make that request, so I’d imagine that they’ve already asked about it and were turned down or ignored.


This exactly.
A lot of people make slightly naïve requests like that, same goes for the daily deals where people asked for GTA V or Fallout 4.
So what you said applies to many more posts on here.


well 1 can dream mybe they will add the game in years or never hope last dies :3