Can you add skins for CS:GO for chrono coins?


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Not something that’s in the works, but who knows what the future holds. :slight_smile:


Without That Skin

My Life Is Full Of Sin

For That Knife

I’dd Spam Chrono For Life

Am i rambling again? I’ll show myself out now…


I would see dlc’s and skins good only as bonus apart from the coin games.
Would be a let down to see most of the coins as dlc’s or skins from games that I don’t have.

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i think if i see anymore relating to cs:go skins/crates/lootboxes online for the next week, i’m gonna vomit so hard i’m gonna herniate my brain


The game any good today? I don’t have it but I play a lot of Insurgency and Day of Infamy

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Chrono is little heaven for gems in the indie games… and tell you the truth … for the last 5 to 10 years I haven’t seen good game outside the indie devs to be worth it. Except Dark Souls, but that’s just me. Don’t touch on the indie heaven boy!

And btw, go play some skill based shooters. Go time items and consider positioning (yourself and the enemy at the same time!) and even weapon denial and weapon choices in every particular face off… in quake champions or better yet - quake live or quake 3 or quake 2 or quake 1 if you want… don’t promote the CS shit here. That’s CS:

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@lonin Please tell me this won’t happen ever. ANSER ME PL0X!!1


i will happily spend coins for this not to happen,
-a button in the shop with the option to donate, to the good cause of; “keeping chrono (cs:go)skin cancer free”
seriously, “cashing out” on coins (which is what skins would be), nauseates me to the point my teeth are shaking, “no moar pwease” :nauseated_face:

and while we are on it (since apparently i couldn’t go one week free), please never ever -for a million years to infinity, bring bloody lootboxes to the coin shop either (pinky swear, cross your heart, scout’s honour etc.)

i mean, like, “just” forumcosmetics would probably be fine. :joy:
(oh oh, i just opened the floodgates) :rofl: