can we please have an email notification option whenever a new game is added to the coin shop?

would it be makable or not really? ^^

But it already exists. Check your spam perhaps it’s being dropped there, and mark as non-spam.


Given that it is an every 2 week thing, it should be fairly straight forward to just look every once in a while…

I find myself clicking on it every day, even though I know it won’t get updated that frequently.

It has become a part of my routine when visiting the main site and getting my coins for the day.


Adding granular email notifications is on the roadmap. :slight_smile:

That being said, sign up for the newsletter, we send out an email announcing the new games.


You can probably use a filter with your email provider that searches for the unique words used in newsletters that note new games in the Shop to tag it or send it to an Important folder.

Depending how advanced you want to get I’m pretty sure you can use IFTT to send your phone a message when specific messages arrive in a Gmail account.

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