Can we get some games in the coin shop?

Rapidly approaching 100k, was wondering can we get some games in the coin shop? I know someone’s going to tell me that there are games in the coin shop, but all I’m seeing there is phone apps. After being here from the start, this site has been looking like a big bait-and-switch for the last 2 years. I get that the coin shop exists to drum up traffic–traffic that will drum up sales on the daily deal–but you’re not really giving us anything anymore. You didn’t even do anything with the coin shop for Christmas. This is why I don’t spend money here. Just being honest. I’ve seen daily deals that I wanted, but intentionally bought them elsewhere because I don’t want to make this business model work. It’s bait-and-switch.

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Whilst I agree with you that the games in the coin shop are not necessarily the games we’d choose if we had a say in their selection, I do find myself confused by the rest of your post. If Chrono just had deals and no coin shop would you be more inclined to take advantage of their offers? Perhaps if they made more money on their dailies then there’d be better games so you’re only hurting yourself by avoiding spending money here?

I have significantly more coins than you and would also like something to grab my attention in the coin shop, but given that those games are FREE (or the price of a daily click) it’s difficult to get too upset. Sure i’d like to see some of the cheap indie games that I want available there, but with the wealth of niche titles and the fact that Chrono buys these keys, well you and I are probably going to go to the grave as Chronillionairs…


I think you want to research what that phrase means. It doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Also, I actually liked the coin shop games this time. I just got devious dungeon and it was a fun, casual game to 100% in 3 hours.

I don’t think I have much to add to this conversation though that hasn’t been covered in other threads ad nauseum. Feel free to search the old threads about the coin shop to see what everyone’s viewpoints are about it.

Thanks for the feedback.


What has not giving us games anymore got to do with bait and switch was it not the same before (if it ever was)? You don’t seem to know what you are arguing for so I consider this faulty logic. If you wish to spend ur money elsewhere because there are not good enough free games that’s up to you. It’s up to you where you wanna buy games. You saw daily deals you wanted but you chose not buy them right. And if you dun wish to collect coins you don’t have to. I don’t think the games in the coin shop and the daily deals have any relevance other than the fact the coin shop is what encourages ppl to visit. I dun think anyone is forcing you to buy games here.


This honestly makes no sense, you may have to clarify your thoughts. I agree with @ksib that maybe you don’t fully understand what a bait and switch is. And from what you have said you understand the coin shop a side thing

and that the main function of the site is the daily deal (and in the daily deals I haven’t seen anything untoward happening there, range of games at good prices) but you actively wont support the main function of the site it because you don’t want to make the “business model” of the free games section for visitng the site not to work? The logic is not here fore me on this one. I could understand if the daily deal section had problems that you would actively not support it, but that does not seem to be your problem here.

I honestly don’t know what you want out of this conversation on the forums but I feel you are simply going to get the same sort of responses you got when you posted something similar a while ago.


great move @PeteMcc

I just read through that thread, and it gives all the necessary context to understand “where this person is coming from”

Personally, I’d suggest ppl take the time to read that thread instead of answering to this one and just let that one speak for itself, meaning I don’t think there’s any need to answer.


Do you still buy off steam even though they rarely give games for free? What about humble? By this logic you need to stick only to the epic Games store.


I think typically people buy where the best deals are, unless they are set on avoiding one store or another.

For Steam I use a few different stores, like Chrono, Fanatical, Humble, GreenManGaming, IndieGala, WinGameStore, etc. And if the deal at the time that I want it is on Steam for cheaper than the other sites, then I will want to buy from Steam itself.

But there are those other services like GOG, Origin, Epic, Uplay, BattleNet, and for those I still buy where the best deal is. Well, of those, I don’t use Origin, but I use all of the others.

Some people have other exceptions and reasons for buying from Steam directly I suppose, for reasons such as better regional pricing, or having wallet cash that’s attached to the account, etc.


Just bought Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on Steam instead of here. Paid almost a dollar more. Proud.


This. Unless it’s a complete shady shitshow like g2a or kinguin.


There are no words for how fulfilled your life is. Thank you so much for sharing.


I probably shouldn’t ask this…But it’s the New Year and I have a tad of a hangover… And I feel like :poop:

What are your feelings about the EGS giveaways? You just buying them on Steam??? Inquiring minds need to know.


I am not going to try to convince you to do anything different. But if you ever walk down the street in your home town and come across a small business that’s been there and is owned by a local family that you are friends with, are you likely to buy from them something for a $1 more to go to the mall and buy the same thing for slightly cheaper from another industrial heavyweight that can absorb the cost because of the large number of transactions they have across the country/continent/world?

This is actually just the opposite of what you have done. Chrono is your local friendly neighborhood mom n’ pop business trying their best to offer some good deals, this time beating out the offer out there by the monopolizing organization. You decide to throw money where it’s a drop in the ocean and not noticed vs here where they make a good effort to bring you good deals and every purchase could potentially mean better offers in the future to give back to the community. And your primary complaint to start this thread is to belittle the efforts of the people who work hard to bring you these deals and also all of the coin shops, which I learned recently, is purchased by them to give out for free.

I understand that you must have your own reasons, so I would like to hear them.

I don’t go near those bloodsuckers…


they already clearly said that it’s because in the coin shop,



If you are just here to troll why be here? People bring up points about your initial statement and this is all you have to say? You are bringing nothing to your own conversation. It seems you just want to say something and revel in getting the negative reactions rather than discuss anything. If you don’t want to “make this business model work” stop collecting the coins (since that seems to be all you are here for if you aren’t even considering the daily deals).
I probably playing into what you want, but I feel this is the last I will be joining in this conversation.