Calling Writers and Artists

Are you an author? This link gives the details on stories being sought for a very specific themed anthology:

Lit Reactor

Mindy at Cemetery Dance is accepting artwork at this time. Details here:

Cemetery Dance

Cemetery Dance has a lot of free reads also for anyone looking for those.

If anyone is interested in future notices like this follow both of these newsletters I posted.

Also I recommend this newsletter which hits your inbox each Sunday:

Brian Keene Letters From the Labyrinth

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Brian or any links I post. I am a huge fan of Brian and though we have never met from what I’ve heard about him he’s a very nice person and a great Dad.

My favorite book by him if anyone is interested is:

The Girl in the Glider

Though I am not an author, nor do I think I write well when I post or email, I love to read and Brian shares opportunities for others to get involved in the writing community often. He also posts truths about what to look out for, how not to lose copyrights to your work and other things new writers need to know that no one warned him about.

Have a good night everyone. Time for me to head back in my cave for a few more days.



Thanks, @sewcraftyme! :+1:

As a rookie writer I appreaciate this post. :+1:


Just found another one you might want to check out:

Best writing advice I’ve seen anywhere is this:


Plant your butt in the seat and write every day. No excuses, no skipping, no taking a day off.

Whether it is 500 words or 2,000 words it doesn’t matter as long as you are writing everyday.


That advice comes independently from such authors as Stephen King, Lawrence Block, Danielle Steele, Walter Mosley and many other authors.

Good luck and when you get published and are famous I hope you’ll remember this little peon. :rofl: :joy:


I appreciate it, thanks. :+1:

I usually like to write about Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff, though. And I don’t plan to have best-sellers right now, heh, unless I get some contacts and connections. :male_detective:


Well look at what I just found trending on Twitter

Harsh Writing Advice

Some of the authors I mentioned last night actually sharing the same advice I mentioned in my last post. I think this might be a sign you’re meant to do something…like I don’t know, write something. 2021 might be your year.

No pressure


Sigh. I should try to write some horror stuff, meow. Got to read more of this post… My confidence can tank so rapidly.


Oh I’m so sorry.

I feel you. I have zero confidence so it has nowhere to tank to. I won’t bore you with why other than to say I was trained from as long as I can remember that I am worthless and that pattern has just repeated itself all my life.

I do realize that there are people who are much worse off than I am in the world, and I try to help others as much as I can to try to justify my existence because otherwise why the heck am I here?

Surely taking up space that could be better used by another must have some purpose??

Robin Williams said it best:

Robin Williams Saddest People

I realize that this isn’t helping you at all and I’m sorry. I’m not and never will be suicidal, I think it is a stupid, selfish thing to do and I try not to be either of those. I just wish I knew why I’m here and what my purpose is. Sorta but not really like Steve Martin:

My Special Purpose

If you’ve not watched the movie

The Jerk

You should. For one thing if you don’t already know what Steve’s special purpose is, it’s much better explained in the movie. It’s an old(er) movie but it’s quite funny & will make you feel better about life & people in general.

So will reading the Twitter feed I posted, especially the thread by Chuck Wendig which more often than not goes off the rails. Signing up for his newsletter which is definitely NSFW is one of the best things I’ve ever done:

Chuck Wendig: Terribleminds

Have a great day.


I admit that my confidence is also not one of the best. But if I manage to change at least one person’s life for the better or help them go through some tough times with my stories then it’s gonna be a job well done.