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Hey, is it allowed to buy and sell accounts? And if it is, where can I buy?


I don’t think that any company allows that. Why would you want to do that? coins?


What’s the point? The account is free. You can’t have more than one account anyway, so if you end up getting a second, you would shoot yourself in the foot.


yes, @BunnyBloYT u better understand that both will just end up being blocked


No, this is against our terms of service.



Sure. The only collateral is that it’ll be the first and last time you’ll be doing that. :+1:

For clarity: don’t do it.

Also lmao @dusty :joy:

When did you get that title anyhow? And what’s the reference I’m surely not getting?




I get it. I get it.

You want my cool guy reputation and the immediate respect of no less than 1.5 of the people on the forums.

Sorry. I’m not for sale at this time.


I mean how much you willing to buy for? I dont want to sell my account but if you offer some insane amount of money heck yah ill sell. Starting bid at $420 lol.


if you sold an account with 50k coins that’s probably worth at best 5$, it’s a lot easier to get money by helping your neighbours lol

(aside from it being illegal)


Intend to sell. Banned.




Banned in wrong thread. Banned