Butcher in the Coin Shop

4000 coins. Looks alright. Anyone played the game or have any opinions?

PS - already own Gone Home

someone already talking about things if scrolling down to the “latest” release cycle

personally i’m still on the fence about either tho
gone home is a game that i’ve never been interested in paying “much” for
and Butcher falls into the whole platformer and pixels thingy, and at least 1 of those i’m not a big fan of usually…


Butcher definitely isn‘t for everyone, but if you like pixel art, retro-esque indies and high difficulty this is for you. I‘d even say that it‘s worth a shot if you like old-school FPS like Doom. It‘s amazing how well the archetype translates into a 2D scape. (I think I said that already when they sold Butcher regularly on here.)


Just played few levels of it … and it was exactly what I was expecting!

It feels tight! Pretty good controls! Like @DownwardConcept explained it’s really old school on how it plays and how it looks like. I haven’t watched much about it, but I was kinda surprised it’s like arena based - you get locked into a single room with hazards and enemies until you clear them out. It’s pretty dynamic.

Btw the sound and music are pretty good. I expected the music to be a tad bit more metal for my liking, but … yeah :smiley:

Oh I forgot … Options menu ( :smiley: ) it’s what you would expect for such a title, but it has everything - even rebindable controller keys and analog sticks dead zone tweaking.

I can talk more about it when I put more than 15 minutes into it, but for sure it’s a kind of game I love and grew up with… I might be biased because of this :slight_smile:


Somewhat off-topic, but is there any chance this copy of Butcher wasn’t just obtained from the coin shop? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




This happens everytime a new game is released in the coinshop … I didn’t bothered to show those giveaways so far, but that’s normal… you can’t prevent it unless chrono makes steam link and the only available option is to activate the game on your account. This however will prevent ppl from buying games and donating them to others or even trading.

In the end of the line - that’s expected. It’s this person’s coins over all.

Now on topic - I’m impressed and the levels start to get pretty complex more you go through… platforming sections and what not even while you are in combat. It’s brutal game :smiley:


Would have loved a copy but it’s sold out.


And thanks to an awesome dev I’ve now purchased a copy on sale via steam!
(7hrs left - get on it!)