Bunkers & Badasses

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And since the above link is their homepage and likely to change, here’s the product page:

I’m super excited (already put in my preorder). Also very curious as to the game system they’ll be using and the decision to not bring this to WotC/Hasbro, given that this is an obvious parody of Dungeons and Dragons. Pure speculation, but a few possible reasons come to mind:

  • WotC/Hasbro may want excessive licensing fees.
  • WotC/Hasbro is dealing with a lot (and I mean a lot) of flak right now about the systemic racism and non-inclusivity in their organization and in their game. Meanwhile, Borderlands rolls with maniac midgets, badass psychos, and bonerfarts.
  • On the flip side, Bunkers & Badasses may have intentionally avoided using the D&D system. D&D has been able to rely on its cultural weight to maintain an entire herd of sacred cow game mechanics that aren’t present because they’re good, but rather because the game designers are afraid to change them. The system is fun but unless at least one person at the table knows how to play, it’s going to be a real challenge to play correctly. I can think of a lot of reasons to prefer something that’s easier to learn.

Anyway, I hope discovering this makes someone else’s day, too!


Based on the game-within-a-game

gameception :postal_horn::notes:


Borderlands did seem a game where everything except the core gameplay is fun, and translating it to a tabletop RPG seems like a great idea. I agree with you about the DnD system, even 5e feels so messy sometimes, and people play it cause it’s the most popular heroic fantasy around (also, other popular systems had stupid decisions too). My hopes are it’ll be as fun as Alien RPG is


Care for a round of Gwent?


I thought the price was $19.99 raised to $99.99. Which would be pretty funny discount .

Looks interesting.



Player preference, I suppose - I have 640 hours in BL2 and 284 so far in BL3. I find the core gameplay of incremental advancement to be quite satisfying! In any case, aside from the FPS elements the game pull really heavily from RPGs in terms of equipment and character advancement, so that should make for a smooth transition of formats. Agreed on DnD comments.

I think there’s only one question remaining:


Obviously, yeah. I generally don’t enjoy loot-based games, they turn into inventory management too often for me (and I often find it too hard to leave items worse than my own behind, because I want to sell them so badly). I don’t deny Borderlands’s appeal for others, just it’s not for me (altho as I said, I really like the world and characters)


Thanks, @BlivetWidget :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Good quotes never get old!! :star_struck:

I have more than 4k hours within the whole franchise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a lotta damage hours!

I would probably have more than I currently do if I ever played with anyone - almost 100% of my time is solo. I didn’t get any of my games because of the co-op, but I often have grandiose plans. Then I actually play the game and eh, people are inconvenient, real life is intrusive, and my schedule is mercurial.

Bl3 makes the co-op a lot better since you don’t have to maintain level parity with your friends. But I’m still too antisocial lol.


Don’t get me wrong. I spent most of my time solo as well. (Probably 1/3 just messing around along the plot 1/3 raiding bosses, trying to break records, and farming loots, so only 1/4~1/3 of the time was playing with others)

For me, Playing around with Borderlands just hits my sweet spot. I never felt tired finding hidden loots and landmarks that were never disclosed to the public, pushing my luck and limits to break those raid and dungeon records, also the moment when they drop the perfect weapon/mod/shields I have been preying on for so long…

There is just so much fun playing it alone.:yum: Though I gotta admit the level parity was indeed a pain for me as well. I would normally need to set up separate characters between playing solo and co-op to avoid over-leveling when playing on my own (or just resort to modifications). :joy:

BTW, most of my time was actually hanging around with BL2. I’m still waiting for a deeper discount for BL3 right now, which seems more likely after they just released their last DLC. And who knows, maybe we would arrange a session together someday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: