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Bundlefest. Day 5 is live


Day 5

:sun_behind_large_cloud: Shadow Bundle :sun_behind_large_cloud:


Radical Bundle


Day 3

:keyboard: Dotemu Classics Bundle :keyboard: [USD 1.99] :heart:

:female_detective: Dollar Murder Bundle :female_detective: [USD 1.00]

  1. Art of Murder - FBI Confidential
  2. Art of Murder - Hunt for the Puppeteer
  3. Art of Murder - The Secret Files
  4. Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny
  5. Art of Murder - Deadly Secrets

( From 1st game, the story telling / pacing is a bit clunky, the puzzles not really intuitive. Pretty difficult. Didn’t play for very long before feeling flubbered. )

:question: Playway Mega Bundle :question: [21 games, 3 DLCs, USD 4.99}
. Couple of games incl. are in other current bundles.
. only in interested in Phantaruk which is 0.50 on Steam atm. Monstrum is a similar premised and likely better.

:bug: Worms Bundle :bug:

Tier 1 <=> [5 products, USD 1.99]

Tier 2 <=> [9 products, USD 4.49]

  1. Worms Ult. Mayhem - Customization Pack DLC
  2. Worms Ult. Mayhem -Multiplayer Pack DLC

Tier 3 <=> [11 products, USD 9.99]


I took the $6.99 Gamble, here’s what I got.

Dark Strokes: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom Collector’s Edition
Velocity Ultra
Naval Warfare
Lust for Darkness
Wings of Vi
Hamilton’s Great Adventure
Oriental Empires
10 Second Ninja X
Serial Cleaner

I already own serial cleaner, but otherwise all games I have no recollection of ever hearing about. YAY?


The ones from your list I know are Wings of Vi (tough platformer like meat boy which I have heard is good) and 10 second ninja x (which is like a puzzly platformer)


Upon evaluation, I think I will be trying just about all of them, I have the Serial cleaner & Dark Strokes keys left over, but otherwise the whole list is at least interesting. If anybody wants them let me know.

Californium is a pleasant surprise as I just read a bunch of Philip K Dick, so a game tribute to his style of things is definitely timely in my life.


I grabbed the Japanese bundle cause I’ve been wanting it for awhile. Thanks!


Yeah, I should have waited til they were all in a bundle, hehe.


I tried Wings of Vi and it was pretty fun, but pretty tough, just like PeteMcc said.
And I have Lust for Darkness, Naval Warfare and Oriental Empires in my library, but only tried the latter of the three, which is a strategy game like Civ, but set in ancient china (pre Three Kingdoms, but not long before if I recall right)


:gun: FPS Warriors Dollar Bundle :gun: [USD 1.00]

:policeman: :briefcase: Express Bundle :policeman: :briefcase: [USD 3.99]

:japanese_goblin: Learn Japanese to Survive Complete Bundle :japanese_goblin: [USD 3.99]

:fairy: Enchanted Bundle :fairy: [USD 4.99]

:hammer_and_wrench: Workshop Bundle :hammer_and_wrench: [USD 2.99] :heart:

:person_climbing::running_man: Curve Quest Bundle :person_climbing::running_man: [USD 4.99]

:black_flag: The Banner Saga Trilogy Deluxe Bundle :black_flag: [USD 19.99]

:bullettrain_side: Subway Bundle :bullettrain_side: [USD 6.99] :broken_heart:

@Pylinaer Look! More things to drive. :stuck_out_tongue:


It works for me to keep them all in one thread. Then everyone can make comments.

The only one I am really interested so far… is the one @YQMaoski posted about.


Yup. Syberia 3 is all the ooh and aah right now, lol. Def lowest price ever.


Just bought a bunch of tomb raider games, I actually only wanted the new one but I said screw it and threw in 4 others


I also decided to get a 7 tier mystery bundle.
I got the following

Lego Ninjago
Stealth Inc 2
Borderlands 2
For The King
Mad Max


So that’s a pretty good get for a mystery tier, but I refuse to play this lottery, the only gaming lottery I play is still the Humble Monthlies…

I forgot about this thread, and when I looked around earlier while in between some stuff at work, I posted the one bundle that interested me… :man_facepalming:


Not too terrible i guess :slight_smile:


Okay I did the maths. In total the games I got would have had a value of $381.54 I payed $28.03 for 28 games. Fanatical saved me $353.51


Saving money is fantastic :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well yeah but also nah :slight_smile: Once game was in a bundle or on deep sale it’s value ( not retail price though ) drops down a lot. You most likely would have not bought any of those games full price so you didint really ‘save’ 353.51 $ but 28 games for ~28 bucks is obviously a great deal :slight_smile:


I agree with ya’all - saving money on good games is great, but I don’t have great lucky dipping skills, ha ha. Or at least, I get good stuff, just not usually anything I personally want to keep.


Honestly considering the Curve Quest Bundle. There’s some really good titles in there. I already own Snake Pass and Manual Samuel, so I’ll happily trade them with somebody interested :slightly_smiling_face:


True… but if I was willing to spend that, I’d get Final Fantasy X / X2 Remastered. ^^