Build your own lockdown bundle 5


Really good price for galaxy of pen and paper, Outcast and Shadowblade

Pick n’ Mix


This is a nice line up. Even a few, like Exception, that I’ve never seen before.


noice, finally i can something i want for a dollah :blush:


anyone wants something?
i’ve got 2-3 unfilled picks, since i might as well go for T2, but don’t have much for myself to fill it up with, i’ll hear if someone here is interested in something
Age of Decadence and Dead Secret is taken; so gotta be something else - also i can’t guarantee region locks, tho i’m kinda assuming there aren’t any with this lineup


@Gnuffi If you offering, mew, Of Orcs and Men possible? And The Fall.

Gotta see if anyone else interested too. :angel:


alright :+1:

1-2 spots left
Age of Decadence and Dead Secret + Orcs and Men take
"quick" replies folks


O_o Good thing I edited in The Fall too then. Tis quick go! lol


If you can get Shadow Blade for me would be great


sry luis had already bought the bundle like 40mins before you even posted
if other people jump in with more request to fill like 3 more slots i’ll just do a round 2 and buy another bundle for us :+1:


Np, the fact that u wanted to give us something is enough


Nice bundle here. I have to think about it a little. :slight_smile:



Heads up about Orcerks ‘n Peoplez . I had horrible graphical artifacting in that game because engine seems to be uncapable to work on modern GPUs.

Maybe you’ll get more luck with it.


I definitely should not have a problem :rofl: Thanks, mein sloth pets gently



I only want one game from all of this:

Pumped BMX Pro

But I realize that my time will be incredibly limited for a long time and it would just be a dust gatherer, so I will pass on buying I think. Maybe it will show up in a different bundle that I buy for other things in the future.


Thanks @DontBeSilly, who was rather quick on the draw for a sloth, now I don’t want anything else from the bundle. :slight_smile: :hugs:


:joy: Too funny. ^^


Thanks @Donluis524 :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Does anybody want something from the bundle?, besides ShadowBlade, Outcast, and galaxy of pen and paper, I’ll catch the 5 for 2,99, I have 2 free spots if someone wants it


@Donluis524 Exception looks like an awesome game, I would be really interested in that. I don’t know if you’re still doing this as it was a day ago you posted this, but let me know if you are. No worries if not though, still really nice of you to have offered this :+1: