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Some are interesting to me Dungeon rats, Convoy and Book of demons also Gunman tales reminds me Sunset riders.


Guards and Book of Demons are very fun, would recommend. Not sure what else is there, altho I did see good words about Wings of Vi (made by the I Wanna Be the Boshy guy, so you know what to expect)


I might just grab Wings of Vi for a dollar. While it is made by I wanna be the boshy guy this is not a game in the same vein at all. It’s hard but it’s not a random BS memorization game.


I think Guy was memorization bs, not Boshy?


Oh… I already own Wings of Vi, so never mind. Guess I’ll go try it out then.


Thanks, @Donluis524 :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I got 2Dark, Book of Demons, Brawlout, Omen Exitio: Plague, and Re-Legion.

Just a heads up. If you decide what you want, GET IT!!! Do not wait. I had my sights on a few from another one of those “Make Your Bundle”. Because of my Birthday on the weekend, I didn’t get them and when I got ready to buy…2 of those games were GONE!!!


Happy Birthday on whatever weekend that is. :tada:


In these bundles, do the games get an assigned Steam key so they can be added to Steam Library? :eyes:


They are for steam platform, if that’s what you ask.


I mean can they be “added to my Steam Library” so that I can for example earn Steam Trading Cards.
Does purchasing a game give me a Steam Key. :eyes:


I’m bit confused about what you’re saying, of course, you get a steam key, that can be redeemed on steam


Thank you. That answers my question. :+1:
(I had never shopped on before, so I didn’t know if it was one of those sites where you get games without Steam Keys).


now that make sense, personally i think is one of the best sites where you can buy games.


Yeah, if you buy a bundle, you can look at your orders, it’s listed together in the bundle as a bunch of keys, each one you individually click to reveal and once you reveal it, there’s a button you can click on that brings you to the redeem key page on Steam with the key preloaded. As long as you are logged in there, it’s a smooth process:


So I bought Medieval Kingdom Wars, and yes, it is now in my Steam Library. Nice. :+1:


It used to be Bundle Stars and they changed the name.

IndieGala- Mixed
GOG- DRM Free Downloads
Fanatical- Mixed (Corrected…Thanks to @YQMaoski)
Humble is mixed too but mostly Steam


Thanks, @delenn13 - nice little summary. :ok_hand:


Actually in addition to Steam keys, Fanatical also sells Origin, Epic, Uplay, Bethesda, Rockstar (Social Club), and probably some others.






So do make sure you are buying for the platform you want before making your purchase.


You are entirely correct… I forgot(CRS again). Humble does the same and I have gotten a refund because of it.


Which I assume means looking for the little steam icon (and for me windows icon) at the start of each game description. :thinking: