Build Your Own Fantasy Bundle

Another pick n’ Mix, from this lineup I can strongly recommend you grab Hero of the Kingdom Trilogy, the first I time played it, I was a bit skeptical since it’s a point and click game and personally, I don’t like them at all, but this one was good and for $1 ey it’s a good deal

I have Skaufold the Usurper, it looks like a Metroidvania, I remember getting it around the time I first played Death’s Gambit and went into a 2D Souls-Like fever but then I went back to playing M&B Warband, so I haven’t played it yet and I have no idea if it’s any good.


I like this one. I have Skaufold Usurper too, not Shrouded Insanity. Should try it now I got my generic controller to act like a good boi. :dog:

Will take a closer look at Hero… hm. I really want 3000th duel since this is the best bundle it has been. Altogether a lot of good titles.


I am thinking on this one… :+1:t3:

Thanks @Donluis524 :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I take it back. Tried out two other games last night. Struggle.

Best part was one trial when the controls worked, BUT! the camera kept spinning endlessly. Sigh. Generic controllers are the struggle, not life threatening, but meh.

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