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So, I have been playing on my laptop for 2 months now. But, now my dad said I can build my own PC! I have two builds, the difference being the CPU and the Motherboards. Could you please tell me which is better performance for the money?



if you go to Tomshardware and make a Build Help post there, you can get tons of super qualified assistance, especially if you fill in more detail, such as approx/max budget and gaming needs (type of games, resolution, upgradability, overclocking etc etc)
not saying you couldn’t do that here, but there are hundreds of experts over on Tomshardware that don’t mind helping and they live and breathe hardware to get best bang for your buck + they are also more than just “intel/Ryzen”/“green/red” fanbois, they give recommendations on performance+value/need, not hype or “like”
really good place imo for those sort of help and conversations in general


I’m not an expert but want to help if possible. They are pretty similar, however,

Benchmark: [Link to comparison ] (UserBenchmark: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 vs Intel Core i5-7400) For CPU. Let yourself see the difference.

As for the Motherboard, I’m not so sure. The Asus - STRIX B250F GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard is probably best but again I am not an expert. Just by the greater bandwidth, I’m going by but there may be other factors for you to consider.

I know this is not what you want to hear and it really depends on your own circumstances but if you want to buy a PC with a longer life without needing to update in a few years, I’d swap that hard drive out and get yourself a Solid State Drive or at least get a small one for your operating system, leave the other one for everything else, overall it is pretty decent but I am still on a GTX 750ti, so what do I know… Nothing, that’s what.

You’d also be better off with a GTX1080 (<comparison) but I know they are pricey.

You should probably ignore me and just do what @Gnuffi said.

Sorry, I know I am probably not much help.

Both configurations are more than enough to play games at 1080p +60fps. Do not overthink and possibly find a cheap case where it’s easy to work (especially if it’s your first build). Enjoy your new PC!

If you’re going for newer, graphically demanding games and planning on making your build last a bit longer, I strongly suggest you invest in a better graphics card like AMD’s RX 470 or 570 or Nvidia GTX 1060. The 1050Ti, while very impressive for its price and power consumption, will bottleneck the powerful processors that you chose.

I myself got a 1050 Ti for my gaming PC, but I chose it based on my price/power needs. I’m not very interested in most modern AAA titles, but the card can run Doom 2016 at 60fps. With that in mind, I think it can last a good 3 years before it becomes way too weak to meet AAA contemporary titles’ system requirements.

Ryzen is the better value

It has 6cores/12threads and supports overclocking. Not to mention that the AM4 platform will be supported for another 4 years.

Intel’s i5 only has 4cores/4threads, which is locked. It’s much worse at multitasking and… upgrade path is much narrower as well because socket 1155 is already abandoned (X299 is approaching).

Gaming wise they will be almost identical because your GPU will be the weakest link at 1080p gaming. Multitasking wise, Ryzen is much more superior.

Good choice on the PSU and RAM though

I’m going to agree with others here and say that this probably isn’t the best place to ask. But, helped me with my build.

Personally, nothing really seems wrong with either build. The “best performance” will actually depend on specifically what you are planning on playing/doing with it. If you list all you want to do and post these builds, (make sure you indicate a hard/soft budget), they will greenlight your build or make good suggestions for what should be changed.

Can’t help ya mate but thank you responders, I was considering going to some site filled with people who know their stuff before i build a new PC. Guess i’ll go both to the subreddit and tomshardware when the time comes. Will probably be a Ryzen build and i’ll see about my power needs. As nice as playing the latest AAA title in 8k60+ is i’ll see where my line is for decent perforance for the next 4-5 years.

Ryzen? pfft that stuffs already the past, you better get ready for some thread ripper goodness buddy.

And by the time i upgrade you’ll say the same about thread ripper probably. :smile:

Ummm, Thread Ripper is/will be Ryzen. i.e. “AMD Ryzen Threadripper”

Those names tho…just like how they make gaming peripherals literally edgy.

It’s currently 4:50am from where I’m from so I’ll try to get back to you on this after I get some sleep. But at least let me give you some quick input on my part.

(I apologize if I’m rambling in the post or if I’m giving some huge mis-info. Really sleepy, I’m just forcing myself to make the post because reasons)

So for the CPU, I would suggest you aim going for the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 since it’s (arguably) cheaper and (is already proven) to work better than some i5 or i7 6000 or 7000 series. Do not downgrade for the Ryzen 5 1400 since there will be a huge performance difference (check the YT vids, the 1400 is a good entry level CPU Ryzen-wise, but the 1600 is the bang-for-the-buck CPU Ryzen-wise).

For the GPU, I’m assuming from the builds you’ve posted that your minimum us at least 1080p at 60FPS so I would suggest aiming for either a Nvidia GTX 1060 OR an AMD RX 580 since these two cards are proven to be able to provide those numbers. If some fo you are wondering why I’m not suggesting an RX 570, it’s because an RX580 is a few currencies higher than the 570 BUT the added VRAM helps and the 570 is really just a downgrade 5804 GB.

For the HDD, IF a Western Digital Cavier Blue 2TB IS CHEAPER than the one on the build, then get the WD. If not, then go get the Seagate Barracuda that you’ve listed.

For PSU, Seasonic is always a good brand.

For RAM, I would suggest going for 16GB DDR4 via 2 x 8GB DDR4 RAM IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT else just go for an 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Because you are aiming for an ATX build, I’m not going to be able to suggest cases (I’m more of a M-ITX or M-ATX guy).

Sadly, because suggesting you a better mobo than the one you’ve listed will take me an hour or two, I’d rather skip that for now.

Are you sure you want that optical drive (the DVD/CD Writer)? Not a lot of PC builds use some Optical Drives and you can install Windows 10 via a Flash Drive (and removing the Optical Drive will save you a few bucks)

Hope this helps.


@kenathomos My budget is about 680 pounds, so I can’t really get a 1060 or 580. I do need that CD/DVD drive because all my movies are on DVDs, and I haven’t ripped the movies yet

You might want to consider getting an external optical drive. Portable to any PC that needs it on a temp basis. Similar in cost to the internal.

If you are looking for upgrades/sidegrades for components at a similar price point, maybe check out

Because of your budget constraints, (and because you are buiiding an ATX PC) I suggest you get a GTX 1050 Ti THAT IS NOT A MINI because in my opinion, you only get a Mini version of a GPU if you are doing either an M-ATX or M-ITX build. Another GPU alternative is getting the RX 570 4GB version since it just performs better than the 1050Ti. HOWEVER if the Mini 1050Ti is cheaper than the two alternatives I provided in your area, then I guess I can’t do anything about it and you’ll get the Mini 1050Ti.

I’m with @aureate on the whole get an external optical drive but looks like we can’t sway you on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: If some of you are wondering were the heck am I getting all this info from, lots of Tech Youtube Videos, Tom’s Hardware - with their amazing CPU and GPU Hierarchy - and just personal experience.

As someone else mentioned, is a great place for information and build suggestions. There is also r/buildapcdeals as I recall.

Ryzen is the price to performance winner right now. The X (like 1700X) series processors don’t come with a cooler but are binned (tested) for slightly higher clock speeds. Even though all Ryzen processors are unlocked, they don’t overclock much - don’t bother with an X series processor unless you already have a cooling solution.

RAM prices have been steadily going up, but if you can budget it I’d try to go for 16GB. There’s no real huge advantage, but it offers some extra legroom. I would rather increase the SSD capacity to 240/256 GB. Don’t get a low quality case, either. In my experience cheap cases are cheap - read reviews.

You’ll also be on Windows 10 without some external patching with these newer processors, if you didn’t know. Microsoft turns off updates if you’re using Kaby Lake or Ryzen with an OS other than Win10.

Have fun putting it all together!