Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over


It was good ol’ Donut Nathan Drake right?


Correct. I miss that big guy.
All you’re missing is the game where he was removed from the series for good and you’ll win the round.


Uncharted 4


Correct. Too bad we’ll never get to see how he would have looked like in that game.
Plus we missed out on some prime jiggle physics too.

Congrats for winning this round! Please let me know what prize you’d like via PM and I’ll send it your way shortly after. :slight_smile:


While we wait for @PeteMcc to send me a message about what prize they want from the list, we’ll get started with the next round!

Rewards will not be handed out until the previous winner makes their decision.

Game 15: Who just got a port?

Out of nowhere, an announcement was made earlier today that a title from a Nintendo video game series was receiving a port later this year. Known for its colorful characters and big lush environments, people have been asking for another sequel for years.

Which of the following titles fits the description?:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
  2. Super Mario 3D World
  3. Metroid Prime Trilogy
  4. Pikmin 3
  5. Splatoon
  6. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse


  • You can only make 1 guess per post.

  • If your guess is incorrect, please include your new one in another post.

  • Google is your friend. You’ll win this in like 5 seconds or less.



Is it Pikmin 3 ?


oops sorry i forgot there were prizes associated with this, I am good, feel free to give it to someone else.


Correct! Congrats @Danacscott , please let me know what prize you’d like via PM and I’ll send it to you shortly after. :slight_smile:

Pikmin 3 just recently had a port announced under the name Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It features story mode co-op, new side missions with Olimar & Louie (that apparently take place before the beginning and after the end of the game, iirc), all the original mission mode DLC, and the return of two things from Pikmin 2: the Piklopedia (now with achievements) and Bingo Battle mode (among other QoL changes).

No worries, it happens. Thanks for letting me know.

If anybody wants to claim the prize from Game 14, all you have to do is the following:

  • You must guess 3 of my favorite junk foods in your post.

The same rules as usual apply.


Yay! I took a Google around. Not sure what the game is like, but surely is colourful. It’s nice to see older games getting a new lease on life, so to speak.

Random guess at your junk foods, hm. Pizza, burgers and hotdogs, lol.


Correct! Some of the basics, such as those, are truly the best.
There’s plenty more where that came from, but maybe I’ll leave that for a future giveaway, haha.

Feel free to let me know what additional prize you would like via the same PM where you contacted me. I’ve already sent your chosen prize from Game 15. :trophy:


O_O I was so just kidding, hee hee. Okay. PM coming up!


No need to Google, Pikmin 3 no doubt :rofl:


After taking a break for a couple of months (because I had absolutely no idea what to do for this round), the final round of this giveaway thread will (finally) begin.

[Final Round] Game 16: Who? What? Where?

I’ve taken an image and applied a filter to it, leaving only some of the lines of the character to guide your way. Can you figure out who this character is with all that’s left?


  • You must guess correctly who the character is. (Non-existent bonus points of awesomeness if you either know the game series and/or where this image is from exactly.)

  • Only 1 guess per post.

  • If you guessed incorrectly, please include your next guess in a new post.

  • Since the remaining prizes for this thread are a game and its respective DLC, the winner can claim both of them if they wish.


There are two very distinctive features visible in this photo, which make it easy to look up on google.

The unaltered version - for anyone who needs a hint.


I think I know where it’s from. However, I am not interested claiming the game.



Yakuza 0? Some of Yakuza series anyway
Character is Kazuma Kiryu


Correct on both accounts!
Congrats, @Norther ! Please let me know if you’d like both keys (ie. the game and its dlc) and I’ll send them your way shortly.

The image in question is of Kazuma Kiryu in Yakuza 0, hence the shorter hair and different outfit compared to what he’s worn during most of the series.


Yakuza series was indeed the first guess when I saw the pic. Probably influenced by the recent bundle XD

Also the facial structure and expression is very Asian-oriented.:wink: