Browser-based Oldschool Games

Last year I found out about the Diablo 1 browser-based project and played around with it for some time, it was fun but I never really looked more into this new concept.

Today while browsing Opera GX’s recommendations I noticed some games that had no source (normally they show deals and giveaways based on the platforms, Steam, Epic, GOG, etc), to my surprise it was oldschool games now made available to play through your browser.

The first one was WebLiero, it’s like an action version of Worms. I’ve played the original version back in the day, and this port is just like the original, fun and chaotic. Ping wasn’t great for me, as it seems to be peer-to-peer and there was no room from anywhere near me.

The next one was QuakeJS, unfortunately I did not try this one, I don’t know if I’ll like FPS via browser and it had some user agreement that I did not want to peek at. Feel free to test if you want and let me know what you think.

Lastly but not least, Command & Conquer, like Quake, I’ve never played this before, my introduction to C&C series was with Red Alert Retaliation on PS1. I played a mission and it works flawlessly, might play the entirety of what’s available at some other day like I did with D1.

So, have you found any gems like these before? Please share! :space_invader::joystick:

P.S.: I now realize that the first HTML5 port of oldschool game I’ve played was Dune 2, a project that I can’t find right now, as it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I believe it was shared here on Chrono, correct me if I’m wrong.


I think the first tomb raider game is available to play for free as a browser-based game as well :blush: just not sure where to find it.
Thanks for the list!


I found this one, the github page tells it’s a demo so I don’t know, I never played any of the oldschool Tomb Raider, only read about the games in the magazines.


I guess Lara can’t jump that far :rofl:



There is also CS 1.6 browser based, on multiple sites (just google it), in case someone is a fan, works best on Chrome (unfortunately). Mentioned it because its the game of my generation, back when internet cafe’s were a thing, actually THE THING.