Bring back the old coin-shop game?

Today i take a look at coin-shop and notice that " Insurgency " was once in the coin-shop and it’s back again. Maybe other old game too?


I have always hoped Brigador and Reigns would come back.

It would be nice if the coin shop notified us that a game returned, because I didn’t notice Insugency was put up again.


Have you signed up for notifications from the site? It will notify you when the daily deal is up and generally when there are new coin shop games. Also every time new coin shop games go up there is a new thread about it in the forums fro m the staff.


Hmm. I guess I missed the new thread of the repeated coin shop game.

And I might have signed up for notifications but…honestly, I check my email once a week or less. So I guess it’s all my fault anyway.


The notifications i am talking about are not email (though you get notifications of new coin shop games there as well). I am talking about mobile or browser based notifications. If you go to the main site and click on the notify me button in the blue banner at the top you will get notifications of whatever browser/device you signed up for it on. As for insurgency i believe it came back as part of the e3 promotion where they added a new coin shop game to the store every day for about a week.