Bring Back the "Lowest Price Ever" Tag For Deals

I know that a lot of @lonin’s older posts for game daily deals used to say “Lowest Price Ever” or “Best Price” on record or something like that. I haven’t seen this label/tag in a long time.

I haven’t seen it in a long time, and looking at today’s deal, the Dude, Stop! game at $8.24 is a Lowest Price on record, for a game that’s been sold on Steam and Humble Bundle alone prior to this. And according to ITAD’s Info, the deal shaves 75 cents from the previous low.

Since @Ernin8t0r is doing all of these daily deal posts, I would like to see this tag somewhere in the daily posting, if the game is indeed a lowest-price sale. I think it might attract a few more potential customers as well.


my guess would be they stopped it to avoid all the “complaints”/mentions about it “not being the cheapest” because whatever person compared russian, south america, /X other currency or even grey market+2nd hand retailers sometimes
seems like at times there was often a “poke” about “muh wrong advertisement, garme much cheaper in this backalley of trenchcoat guy”
all Chrono did was take the Itad info, but if someone else is browsing itad in their local currency they could get different “historic lowest” especially depending on the way Itad scrapes prices some places (like GmG, gamergame or even Nuuvem)
so they might just have thought it be less of a hassle to simply not mention it, and just let the price(s) speak for themselves :man_shrugging:


It’s probably this!!!

I do agree. I miss it too…but…


Ya, with the proliferation of small storefronts in the last couple years (especially foreign-focused ones), the historical low on ITAD is often not super accurate, so we stopped doing it.


what if you said “one of the lowest prices”


I still use ITAD for my primary consumer knowledge, especially because it’s so easy to look at.

Maybe use the disclaimer and say that it’s the “Lowest on record, acording to ITAD”? or something like that?

I know there were also complaints about daily deals previously at the same price on Chrono and that was bothersome to some folks too.

As for me, it’s a good thing, not bad, to have that mention.


That seems like the most ideal compromise to me.


@Ernin8t0r they have spoken, would you mind bringing that back a note at the bottom of the daily deal posts like the example below when the price is a new historical low according to ITAD?

Sale price info:
This is the lowest Galactic Civilizations III has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $13.59 on Steam.



jk, I can totally start doing that again! That’s on my dumb*ss for completely forgetting about it tbh. The whole hey that’s not actually lowest price because in this country you’ve never heard of it’s $1 cheaper was on my mind for a while, but also I can’t lie I did just kind of forget about it ¯_(ツ)_/¯