Brigador sold out

I’m fairly new to the discussion page of chrono but after missing out on Brigador by 1 wholly day, going through the stages of denial and desperately browsing the discussion topics to see if chrono restocks the games on the shop I feel that I need to voice my discontent feelings. I WANTED IT SOOOOOOOOOO BADLY :sob:


I feel your pain! If anyone from the staff happens to read this, please consider bringing Brigador back to the shop! You’ll make a lot of people happy.


Sorry you didn’t make it! I got more lucky, and I don’t have any money for games right now, which is why I’m very happy with it. But, I can say if you think you’re going to like the game, it’s totally, absolutely worth the asking price! You won’t regret it!


Thanks man, I not completely sure that I’ll get Brigador anytime soon due to my tight budget and all the other games I’ve been eyeing and saving up for (triple A games mainly) but it’s definitely something I want


I don’t think that they’ll be bringing it back to the shop anytime soon or even ever but I’m sure they’ll have some even better games on the shop so I think we should wait it out and see what happens (I think this is acceptance) but thanks for the much needed empathy :slight_smile:


In this case, maybe it’s just the right time for you to wait until June 2nd, when Brigador will “re-launch” with a big update especially aimed at new players. I think it’s safe to say it will re-launch with another sale :slight_smile:


I feel your pain…

It’s an amazing game, i managed to get it at like 85% claimed, and i gotta say it’s worth every penny…
In my case every day i logged in and saved the coins :stuck_out_tongue:

Think of mercenaries 2 meets desert strike… With mechs. And the freakin soundtrack…

Although: The game is simply brutal in difficulty, if by any chance you don’t like hard challenges, i’dd have to say skip it for a more accessible type of game.

Edit: On top of all the game offers, devs are VERY active and talking about releasing a level editor…


mercenaries 2 is awesome, I have a physical copy of it that I bought like, 4 or 5 years ago. Still super fun. Never played Desert Strike, though.


Desert / Jungle / Urban Strike games were really old titles for the sega genesis, where you essentially flew an apache in a kinda big map, with very limited lives and resources…


Your job was to blow stuff up, rescue soldiers, and was not an easy game at the time.

Hint: You can still play these games today and have fun, provided you have an android phone :wink:


+1 to the list of people completely devastated by not getting Brigador


Good news everyone!
I just noticed that Brigador is still possible to acquire in a number of ways. I’m aware of at least 3 online stores that still sells the game and you can even buy it from the developer directly! :slight_smile:

I mean if you really wanted the game that badly.

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I’ve heard whipsers among the chrono gg staff on a way to bring back games to the shop… But I heard it has something to do with; half a stick of toothpaste, a crystal vase, 12$ and change for some candy an orange haunted mask belonging to someone of historical importance and a goat, Please note I’m not responsible for any injury resulting from some sort of satanic ritual nor am I assured it will actually work.