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Bought first game


Today i bought first game at chrono with cash. For a 2 years when i found this site i constantly watching daily and getting good offers but haven’t got enough money but today was a day i did it and felt good, Chrono is doing good job on daily marketing and suggesting good and unknown games what may interest people so i continue to be watcher to chrono for good deals and free games if possible.

Thank you Chrono and continue your work!


Nice! I hope to be able to say the same some day.


(…oh, the feels…)


I bought 2 games so far. I never would have known about them if not for Chrono. Congrats on your first purchase.


Remember, never touch the Chronie directly.


Thats an good art xD


They definitely do a good job! I have bought more than I would like to admit… :blush: