Bought $8 of coins on mobile... now what?

Hi there!

I saw that Pyre was $8 on Reddit, so I followed the link on my iPhone to purchase. I input my email and opted to pay with PayPal… but now what? My purchase doesn’t seem to be associated with my email address, as I had to create an account afterward (using the same email) and the credit isn’t there.

What am I doing wrong?


pretty sure you only get bonus coins if you are logged in when you purchase, otherwise without an account you just get sent your email with key
(which should also appear in your account when created -but not sure coins get added retroactively)
if you want the bonus coins, shoot an email to support at and i’m sure @Ernin8t0r or one of the other will sort you out


If I’m understanding suripant0’s post correctly, they paid for Pyre without joining Chrono. Payment should still be linked to the email address used, but yeah, think you need to speak, suripant0


you don’t need to join chrono to buy if i recall correct (at least pretty sure i didn’t on my first purchase either) -then you just get sent your game key in the receipt email entered at purchase
but you do need an account+be logged in if you want the bonus coin you get on purchase tho -which suripant0 would then need to have the folks at chrono sort out retroactively (since seems coins dont get into acc retroactively)